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The Breathing Institute

Thursday, 18 March 21

A cinnamon bun to celebrate a personal win after a gorgeous session with Amanda Morley of The Non Nutrition Guide to Nutrition.

The first time I heard this phrase a while back, it made my ears prick up because I had a keen interest in nutrition after trying (mostly unsuccessfully) to fix my digestion and general well being through food for a long time! I could tell you a billion stories about how I have had a strained relationship with food and digestion, particularly with all things sweet for years and years and all the billions of things I've done to try to make my body feel better. I have gone round and round getting nowhere but more stuck and trapped by the many rules about what does and doesn't work for my body. Arghhhhh!

ENOUGH!  I'm not going to tell you the stories because it is the stories that have very much contributed to my staying stuck. But I'm done with trying so hard and I'm done with 'nutrition'!

For the last year or so I've been learning some wonderful life enhancing things from a very fine teacher called Ben Wolff, who has his own very unique way of weaving neuroscience, imagination practices and most importantly breath, to present us with very usable skills to make our everydays better. It's certainly one of the things that has kept me chipper through this lockdown year. My imaginative life is richer and fuller and it has has changed the way I think, making my head a much better place to hang out!

On a yoga training with Rod Stryker afew years ago, Rod described Ben as 'a portal of what's to come' and that has stayed with me. From his boundless energy to teach EVERYTHING he has ever learned (he has got a lot to say!) Ben has founded The Breathing Institute and gathered and trained some brilliantly, creative and insightful teachers all using his techniques for their own chosen speciality and there are so many brilliant success stories.

Amanda Morley is one such teacher who I had the pleasure of working with last week and h
ere is an introduction to some of the other teachers doing amazing work in all these different and very needed areas. Most are Instagram links but you'll be able to use those as a jumping off point to find out more.

Long Covid - Nadyne McKie @mindful_movement_method 
Sleep - Clare McDonald @creative.sleep
Menopause - Ligia Cannon 
Asthma - @louisewindsoryoga & @louisa.breathebalancebe
Anxiety - Sarah @help_foranxiety
Grief - Natasha Palram @the.breathing.nest
Dementia - Craig @theshalalondon
Creativity -  Sherene Banner @beaninstow
Motherhood - Lindsay Gale @lindsaygale_yogasister
The Reborn breath - @dandelion_debs

Just as I was compelled to share that incredible ice spectacle a few weeks ago with everyone so they could go and see it, I felt the need to share this too so that nobody misses out. These folks are doing important work in areas that us humans can find great struggle and suffering and I wanted to introduce you x

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