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Dandelion Clock Wall Lamp

A glowing lamp to add a feeling of light and warmth to your home. I have always loved dandelion seed heads and looking up close at their delicate structure is what inspired his design. It's the way the seeds stand up as if on tip toes ready to blown away by the wind! The light shines through the all tiny seeds, showing their intricacy and beauty and reminding us of watching the seeds dance off in the wind while we make a wish.

What customers say...

'The brilliantly observed details remind me of everything I love about meadows, the exuberance, the fragility and the wonder of nature's minutiae'.

'The lamp brings me to a quite place after a long day. The simple nature designs are stunning'

Wall lamps are 29cm high, 23cm wide and about 10cm from the wall at their widest point. They can be fixed to the wall with the two screws provided.

It also comes in the cylindrical shape and in the oval. The dandelion motif can also be found in a the paper meadow window film  and in the paper meadow wallpaperPlease see the technical details below for all the details about this lamp.


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The lamp is made from cream coloured laser cut parchment effect paper 225 gsm and laminated with a thick matt lamination pouch for strength and durability.


The lamps come fully assembled, ready to be wired into the mains (or plugged in depending on your requirements). I can’t send them to you flat packed as I have special tools to put them together.


The wall lamps can be wired directly into the mains or can come with a cable and mains plug. If you don’t specify we will assume that you want to wire it into the mains and we won’t provide the plug.

They come with full wiring instructions and should be installed by a qualified electrician. 

In the back of the shade there are two holes for screwing it into the wall and a hole to pass the cable through to meet the mains. They are fully fitted with a lamp holder inside so all you will need is the electric point in your wall. We will provide screws.


If you are ordering from the UK or Europe your lamp will come with a 2 watt LED candle shaped bulb which gives the lamp a lovely glow. It is 250 lumens and has an energy rating of A+.

If you're ordering from the U.S you will need a chandelier shaped bulb like this.


All the lamps are CE marked and fully safety tested.

What are the wall lamps made of? They are made of a creamy coloured parchment paper. The designs are mostly lasercut but some elements are cut by hand with a scalpel. After the designs are laid out they are laminated for strength and durability and to create the bright white areas of the designs.

Are they all the same colour? Yes they are. We have done our best to give a true likeness of their effect but sometimes this can vary in the photographs.

Can I use a low energy bulb? Yes as long as it has a small screw fitting.

We already have wall light fittings. Can your shades just go over the top? I'm afraid not. You'll need to remove them completely just leaving the electric cable exposed. My wall lights come with their own fittings.

Are they safe? Absolutely. All lamps have been fully safety tested and carry a CE mark. Please use a maximum 40 watt bulb.

How long will my order take to make?All products are made to order and can take up to two weeks to make. We have some things in stock but it's best to email first to check if you need it in a hurry.