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Something I have noticed No.3

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'After a hysterectomy in the spring, artist Hannah Nunn had a year of quiet convalescence. As a busy and excited person it was a challenge just to BE, but nature was her guide, her friend and her inspiration. She couldn't go far so she had to go deep and found joy in watching the birds, seeing her new garden unfold and getting to know the river and woodland close to home'.

I thought that maybe I wouldn't have a lot to write about for this year as I didn't do much but when I sat down to write I found many stories worth sharing. This time of stillness made me experience the unfolding of spring and summer more fully then I ever had before and that's really what Something I have noticed is all about. Slowing down and giving attention to everyday beauty and wonders.

This is issue No.3. As each spring unfurls I will bring out another one so you can build a collection. I can't wait to see all the colourful spines lined up together on my bookshelf in years to come.

  • in stock and ready to post
  • A4 sized
  • comes with a Wild Edge wallpaper bookmark
  • printed on smooth FSC paper by a carbon neutral print company
  • 100 pages of my photos, illustrations and stories to enjoy
  • collectible - there will be a new one each spring
  • ships around the world

What people have said about No.1 and No.2:

"It is so beautiful - I felt quite emotional reading it. You write so well and have this innate ability to take the reader on a journey. I was just expecting to look at pictures and BANG a whole narrative arc sweeps me along. Stunning and heart breaking and heart filling." Bec Evans, co author of Written.

"It’s a work of beauty - the words, the photos, the drawings, the colours, the layout, your generosity in sharing your experience so honestly - it’s all lovely. Thank you so much, we’ll treasure it.".

"I know of no other artefact measuring a mere 29.7x21x0.7cm that contains within it such skilfully-sculptured pieces described with such beautiful simplicity. It is in every sense a tour de force."