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Ferns on the turn

Wednesday, 16 September 20

How do the ferns decide who makes the first move into Autumn?

Tags: lamps, nature


Wednesday, 9 September 20

The September sun was shining this morning so I called Euan and Chelsea to see if they fancied a little 'blackberry picking for breakfast' walk before work. Or as our friend Olive says 'blackleberries' (she is only two)!

Tags: nature

Shouldering the burden

Wednesday, 2 September 20

A year or so ago I had a bit of an environmental awakening. It's not like I was unaware of the plight that the planet is facing with climate change but watching David Attenborough's Climate Change The Facts documentary was a pivot point for me. It was a once-you've-seen-it-you-can't-unsee-it experience. No turning back. I was forever changed and for a while I cried. Often.

Tags: nature

Tree Loving - introducing Trees for Cities

Thursday, 27 August 20

We are not short of trees to hug where we live! The sides of this valley are covered in trees and the wonderful thing about living here is that there are paths winding through all of them. I've been winding my way through the woodlands of Hebden Bridge since I moved here twenty odd years ago and those trees have looked...

Tags: nature

Hedgerow window film in the making

Wednesday, 26 August 20

The window film company made a little video of the new Hedgerow window film being printed and cut. It's nice to see how its done!  Click on the picture to view the video.

Tags: creations, window-film

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