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About Hannah Nunn

I've been making my lamps for fifteen years now. What a time it's been. My work has taken me on many adventures and I've met many amazing people. It has led me to open a shop, start a blog and write a book. The best thing of all though is that it allows my love of making things and my motivation to create more beauty in the world to be at the heart of everything I do.  It allows getting out in the woods with my camera or marveling at a wild flower to become part of every day. 

Hannah Nunn in her studio

And I am lucky to have a brilliant team! My daughter Ffion now looks after Radiance, my lovely Dad works with me in the workshop once a week and I have the lovely Oonagh Staerck to help me in the studio. We often have student interns in to help too so they can discover what it's like to run a small design business. Ffion made this website for me using Shopify and my dear friend Sarah Mason, who also shares our studio space takes my photos. 

Where it all began...

I'm from Leeds originally but I found great inspiration in the countryside when I studied 'Crafts' at Carmarthen college in West Wales. I lived in Laugharne for many years, raising my two small children, sketching and drawing in the fields and woodland and gathering my ideas. When my children became of school age we moved back up North settling in Hebden Bridge. 

I joined Northlight Studio, then situated at the top of an old textile mill with wide views across the valley and I found the support and inspiration to introduce my work to the wider world. I made a range of paper cut greetings cards which made it to Libertys, Harrods, Paperchase  and many beautiful craft galleries across the country. Whilst holding my paper cuts up to the light to enjoy the silhouettes, the idea of making lamps seemed the next exciting step.

The Arts Council supported the idea with a Research and Development grant and months were spent cutting, sticking, thinking and sketching until the first Hannah Nunn lamp was born! I launched my collection at the British Craft Trade Fair in 2003 and my lamps were taken up by many lovely craft galleries, some of which still stock my work all these years later.

Being inspired and enthralled by other artists working with light is what led me to open my shop Radiance.  For years I had my workshop in the back of the shop and being surrounded by beautiful hand made lighting by over 50 designer/makers made for an inspiring place to work, but after bursting at the seams both business needed to spread their wings so I have recently moved into a new studio and expanded the shop into the space that I left behind. It's all good!

Whilst exhibiting at the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair in 2010 my passion for craft lighting was spotted by Alison Stace, an editor for Bloomsbury, who asked me if I'd like to write a book about it.  As I love telling stories and championing all these amazing creative people, writing Illuminate was the perfect job for me!

And Now...

There is so much to be excited about. I never fail to be inspired by the natural world and continue to introduce new designs and products to my range.  The success of my first wallpaper collection has now led to me printing fabrics too. From the fabrics I have been able to offer a curtain and blind service and I also have someone who can make upholstered chairs. Recently I launched a range of decorative window films with the Window Film Company and this has brought my work full circle. You see my work started out being about light and shadow, then moved on to be more about pattern and this new product combines the two. It's surface pattern that is brought to life by light! 

I continue to work on more designs and I have lots of dreams and plans! There's plenty going on. My blog is a great place to keep up with it all and watch ideas unfold.


It pleases me immensely when people enjoy my work and want to take it home with them. When they say that their lamp makes them happy every time they switch it on.

That's what it's all about really!

Hannah x