Frequently Asked Questions


What is your return policy?

Please visit the returns page for all the info.

Do you wholesale?

Yes I do. Please visit the wholesale page to find out how to apply for an account.

How long does it take you to dispatch orders?

I am currently setting up a new studio after a fire, please check this page for the latest updates.

Wallpaper is dispatched within 2-3 days. Most other items are made to order and can take up to two weeks. Although if I already have them in stock they will be sent in 2-3 days.

If you need something in a hurry please get in touch and let me know and I'll see what I can shuffle around for you.

Please see my delivery and returns page as it has all the info for different products.



How are the lamps made?

The designs are cut and engraved from a UK made FSC parchment paper using our in-house laser cutter. Then they are laminated for strength and durability and fitted with a tripod inside to hold the bulb. The lamps are made by me and my small team in my studio in Hebden Bridge


How do I care for my lamp?

Please see the keeping your light shining page to find out how to keep your lamp in good working order for many years to come.


Some of the lamps look different colours in the photos. Are they all made from the same material?

I've done my best to create a likeness in my pictures but lamps are really tricky to photograph. They are all made of the same coloured material.


What do they look like when they are switched off?

They are a creamy colour when they are not illuminated with a light bulb.


What does the back of the lamp look like?

There is a simple poppered seam up the back of the lamp and a small hole to allow the cable through.


What kind of bulb do I need?

If you are in the UK or Europe your lamp will arrive with one of these E14 SES (small edison screw) candle shapes bulbs. I use 2.3 watt LED bulbs which are equivalent to 25 watt old style bulbs.

If you are in the US you will need to buy a 'B type' bulb. This has an E12 small screw fitting. You can choose a chandelier or candle shaped bulb like the one in the picture.

If you would like your bulb a little brighter you can choose a higher wattage. As long as it doesn't exceed 40 watts in an old style bulb it will be safe.


What if I am outside Europe or the U.S. How will I plug in my lamp?

I can provide the right plugs for UK, Europe and US/Canada. If you are outside these regions you can still use the lamp with an adapter plug. Let me know which of the above plugs would suit you best.

I ususally base the plug decision on the country in the delivery address but if it needs to be something else please let me know. There is a place at the checkout to write me a note.


I have a lamp base already. Can I use one of your lamps on it?

I'm afraid not. The lamps are designed to sit on a flat surface. When they are fitted on a lamp base they tend to wobble and tip.


Do you make wider ceiling shades?

The widest cylindrical lamp I can make is 13cm but whatever the width they are not suitable for hanging from the ceiling. The lamps are designed to sit flat on a surface. When hung from the ceiling they tend to wobble and tip.


Can you send the lamps flat?

I'm afraid not. I have special tools that I use to pop them together, so it would be tricky for you to construct the lamp upon arrival.


Can I read by one of your lamps?

It depends on your eyes! The lamps are not designed to be reading lamps. They are designed to create a cosy pool of light.


Can I buy less than a metre?

I have added the option to order just a one metre piece of wallpaper so you can use it for smaller projects, or simply hang on the wall as a piece of art.

PLEASE NOTE! If you order multiple 'one meter pieces' they will come as separate units.

If you have used out wallpaper calculator to work out how much you needfor an area and it comes to say, 1.1 rolls, please don't be tempted to order just an extra metre. This will not be joined on to your roll so will not get seamless coverage.


Problems with your lamp

My lamps has arrived but how do I get it to sit straight?

Each lamp should have a hole and a slit at the back to fit the cable through so that it will sit flat on the surface. SOMETIMES we might forget to put the hole in (sorry!). We use a hole punch and a pair of scissors to make the hole so you can have a go yourself but if you don't want to attempt this, get in touch and let me know and we will get the lamp back to the studio to put the hole in.


What do I do if my lamp stops working?

If you have tried replacing the bulb and it still won't work the second thing to try is the 3 amp fuse in the plug. Sometimes when a bulb blows, the fuse may blow too. If that still doesn't help let me know and I'll send you a new cable/plug. I offer a free of charge lifetime replacement of parts so we can keep your light shining for a long time to come.

It's really easy to fit your new cable. Just watch the video below and I'll show you how.


One of the poppers has popped off the tripod inside how do I replace it?

Sometimes if the lamp takes a bash, the poppers can pop off the tripod inside. I have a free of charge lifetime replacement of parts so get in touch and I'll send you what you need to get it mended. Sometimes you may need a whole new tripod, sometimes just a spare popper or two. Here's how to fit them back on.



How much wallpaper do I need?

On every wallpaper page you will see a link to my wallpaper calculator . It will tell you how to measure your walls and then it will calculate how many rolls you need.

If your calculated amount comes to say 1.1 rolls you will need to buy two whole rolls to make sure you get your area covered. Please don’t be tempted to order just a ‘one metre piece’ separately as this will not be joined on to your roll so will not get seamless coverage.


How quickly can you send my wallpaper?

Unless stated on the specific product page all wallpaper is in stock and ready to ship. I aim to get everything sent one-three days after your order (not including weekends).

You will get an email with a tracking number once the wallpaper is on the way.


What sort of glue or paste do I need?

All of the wallpaper is ‘paste-the-paper’ application with the exception of ‘In The Tall Grass’ which is ‘paste-the-wall’. You don’t need any kind of special paste. Just a good ready mixed paste from any DIY store will do the job fine.


Can I return unused rolls?

Absolutely. As long as it is within 6 weeks of the purchase date and the rolls are still in their cellophane. It will be up to you to pay the return postage. Once I have it back I will make the refund.


Is the wallpaper made in an environmentally friendly way?

Wallcoverings are printed in the UK at one of the few remaining wallpaper factories. They are derived from natural materials, are sourced from sustainable materials, have a long lifecycle and can be recycled, decorated over, or disposed of safely as they are fully biodegradable.

My factory colours the wallpaper with inks and printing materials sourced from specialist suppliers that ensure that they are free of heavy metals. All Inks are made from organic pigments and are controlled to a high environmental standard and satisfy all EU legislation. They recycle waste inks and paper wherever possible and run tight controls over energy use in order to reduce their carbon footprint. They also have their own waste water processing plant!

Raw materials are sourced from organisations which trade ethically, are bound by environmental controls and have their own environmental management systems. Paper base is supplied by organisations which source pulp from sustainable forests, maintained by the two largest global certified forest product certification systems.


Can you print other colours on demand?

It's always good to hear what colours you might dream of so I can consider them for the future but due to having to order in large print runs I can't print colours on demand. All the available colours can be sen on my website. Nothing that I make is missing.


Candle Covers

Are they safe?

You need to put your tea light candle in the glass jar provided. As with all candles they must never be left unattended.

They can be used with a battery operated LED candle if you prefer but I don't provide these.


Laser Cut Treasures

What are the treasures and meadow flowers made of?

People often think they are made of wood but they are made of thick coloured cardboard.

Can i mix and match other colours?

I can make you a set of treasures in a mix of any of the six available colours. I've tried to offer lots of combinations but if there's something you don't see, just ask.

I am happy to mix colours of the little meadow posies too but that is limited to two colours per set.

The 'simple' meadow bouquets are one colour only, 'handsome' bouquets are two colours only and 'bountiful' bouquets are three colours only - but if you don't see the colour mixes you like please just ask.


Window Film

How much does the window film cost?

Please follow the links from my window film pages to the Window Film Company website. Here you can put in the height and width of your window panes and it will calculate the cost instantly.

Here is a direct link to my designs on their website

Do you send window film samples?

Samples of the window film are available on request. Please phone The Window Film Company directly on 01494 794477

How long will it take before I receive my window film?

The Window Film Companies policy is to despatch all orders received before 1pm on the same working day. Deliveries don’t take place over the weekend.


Is the window film easy to apply? Are there instructions?

It is easy and satisfying to apply. It will come with full fitting instructions and a little squeegee. You can also watch The Window Film Company's instructional video here .


Can you make the pattern flow from pane to pane?

Yes this can be done and looks best done this way but it will need to be a special order. Please contact the Window Film Company about it on 01494 794477 and they can make the pattern flow for you.


Can they make the pattern bigger or smaller?

The patterns can be scaled up or down to fit your window but you'll have to request this as a special order. Please contact the window film company on 01494 794477 who can help you.


Can I order window film from overseas?

The Window Film Company is not set up to receive web orders from outside of the UK but if you email them with your requirements and your postal address and ask for a quote they will be happy to help.


How long will the window film last?

The window films come with a 10-year warranty and would usually last well in excess of that.

Is it possible to remove the window film?

Yes, window film can be removed from your glass, but it cannot be reused.