Being a maker of 'things' when the earth is already overburdened and overtaxed feels like a big responsibility. I'm trying to do it as carefully and thoughtfully as I can. When people express the value that my work has in their lives and their homes it means so much to me because it's my hope that the things I make will be carefully considered purchases, cherished for a long time to come and won't contribute to our current throw away society.


The lamps are laminated in plastic which is not currently recyclable so together we need to look after them so that they last a long time. I am constantly on the lookout for biodegradable laminating pouches. When they come I will snap them up! For now...

The opposite of built in obsolescence

I offer a free-of-charge replacement of parts service. Whether you have had your lamp for one week or twenty years and wherever you are in the world, should a popper pop off or a cable go 'poof' I will sort it out so we can keep your light shining for a long time to come. Just email me. 


My wallpaper is produced at Anstey in Loughborough, one of the remaining few factories who will allow short print runs of wallpaper which suits the smaller designer/maker like me. Anstey are constantly striving to improve their manufacturing methods and energy management and have whole teams dedicated to waste reduction and lean manufacturing techniques. They are on the road to be net carbon neutral by 2030.

They source the paper from sustainable forests that support biodiversity.

They use inks and printing materials sourced from specialist suppliers that ensure that they are free of heavy metals. All inks are made from organic pigments and are controlled to a high environmental standard and satisfy all EU legislation. 

The wallpaper is really good quality and has a long life cycle.

I hope you will want to keep my wallpaper on your walls for many many years but should you tire of it, it can be papered over or disposed of safely as it is full biodegradable.

What I am doing to become more sustainable?


I am Making Design Circular

I am a member of the Making Design Circular community. I'm working through their 'five stage path to sustainability' and carving out regular time each week to educate myself and find ways of making my products and practices cleaner and greener.

trying to be part of the solution and not the problem

At times I have thought about giving up making things as it feels like a lot of resposibility but that breaks my heart as it is who I am and the thing that brings me most joy! And imagine if all the artsist gave up making their art. What kind of a world would be left? As a designer/maker I am full of passion, curiosity and creativity and the world needs more of that doesn't it. As well as that my products are made in small batches. We don't produce LOADS of stock that will sit in a warehouse somewhere or be shipped in containers across the sea. It's a small time business, full of care, consideration and connection to my customers.


For packaging we use cardboard bubble wrap and paper tape. We use boxes that fit the products in snugly to minimise the need for extra packaging. We use wax paper if anything needs to be waterproof. If we ever use plastic bubble wrap it's because we are recycling it.

In General

We will always be thinking about the most environmentally friendly way to do and make things because that has become a mindset. I hope to create designs that stand the test of time - designs that are not about a sweeping trend or fashion that will need to be replaced by the latest new thing. They are just about nature and highlighting its beauty and delicacy - a delicacy and beauty that we need to respect and preserve.

The business regularly donates to:

Plantlife's Making Meadows project and

Tinderwood Trust our local forest school. 

I've been thinking a lot lately about what sustainability really means and I realised it's not just about's about love as well.

We have a lot of that.

Hannah x