keeping your light shining

Free of charge replacement of parts.

I offer a free-of-charge replacement of parts service for lamps. Whether you have had your lamp for one week or twenty years, and wherever you are in the world, if a popper pops off or a cable goes 'poof' I will send you replacement parts (this doesn’t include light bulbs).When you have received the bits, come back to this page and follow these quick instructional videos to see how to fit them

but first

If your lamp has stopped working and you have already tried changing the bulb, the first thing to try is the 3 amp fuse which is easily accessible in the plug (UK only). If it still doesn’t work please get in touch and I’ll send you a new cable.


It’s important to not use any bulb above 40 watts as this makes the plastic on the tripod inside brittle and it will eventually yellow and snap. The hotter incandescent bulbs are not generally available to buy anymore but some people may still have stocks so it’s important to remember this. The newer LED bulbs are much cooler so this should never happen.

If you are in the UK or Europe your lamp will arrive with one of these E14 SES (small edison screw) candle shapes bulbs. I use 2.3 watt LED bulbs which are equivalent to 25 watt old style bulbs.

 light bulbs Hannah Nunn lamp

If you are in the US you will need to buy a 'B type' bulb. This has an E12 small screw fitting. You can choose a chandelier or candle shaped bulb like the one in the picture.

If you would like your bulb a little brighter you can choose a higher wattage. As long as it doesn't exceed 40 watts in an old style bulb it will be safe.

 changing your cable

 replacing a tripod

 cleaning your lamp

Give your lamp a dust every now and again. The shades can be wiped down with a well wrung out cloth but must not be submerged in water.

 find your lamp a good spot!

One of the good things about the lamps is if they get knocked over they usually just bounce, but if they get squashed they may get creased and this is something I cannot fix. Please find a home for your lamp somewhere out of harms way and if you move house, do box it up well. I can always send you a box for the table lamps, just ask.

I’ve been making my lamps for twenty years next year and there are lots of original lamps all over the world still going strong.

I hope yours brings you joy for many years to come.

Hannah x