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Pebble window film

My daughter bought me a book about pebbles for my birthday and it gave me a longing to go beach combing. Being land locked in lock down, I had to use my imagination and had lots of fun creating my own pebble collection! It makes a great window film. The clear options create magical shadows when the light shines through which is my favourite thing about window film! The shadows move around as the sun moves and they fade in and out as the clouds pass by.


  • cut to your exact size specifications
  • made by the window film company
  • next day deliver if ordered weekdays before 1pm
  • gives the look and feel of sandblasted glass
  • creates prettiness AND privacy
  • easy to install 
  • comes with full fitting instructions and your own squeegee
  • fully cleanable
  • more details in my FAQ
  • comes in three print options


  • White print on frost: The pebbles will be printed in white ink onto frosted window film. You won't be able to see through the glass, but natural light will be allowed pass through your glazing.

  • Clear on frost: The background of your film will be a frost effect, and the pebbles will be completely clear. As the pebbles are quite large it won't give much privacy but it will make magical shadows when the sun shines through.

  • Frost on clear: You will receive a clear panel of window film, with the pebbles pattern printed in a frost effect. The only visible element on the film will be the pattern. As above, it won't give much privacy but it will make the magical shadows.

What customers say...

'I got some of your Paper Meadow window film yesterday and love it. It's so much prettier than the nets and does the job perfectly. Very happy with it.'

'I love how delicate yet simple the design is and how the sunlight or the streetlight throws perfect shadows across the room!'.