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Poppy Seed hanging decoration

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Do you go out for a walk and come back with pockets full of sycamore seeds, beech nuts or shiny conkers? Are you fascinated by empty seed pods or acorn cups? It sounds like you might be a treasure hunter and these little delights might be for you!

  • five poppy stems and five poppy tops
  • laser cut from thick card
  • made to order in our studio
  • choose from many colour combinations
  • comes with a¬†metre (ish) of nylon string on a bobbin¬†
  • ready to be easily threaded horizontally or vertically
  • wrapped in a a 100% compostable glassine bag

The strings look gorgeous hanging on their own but the first few images show the potential of hanging multiple strings together. PLEASE NOTE! When you have made your choice of colours we will pick from the shapes at random so you may get a slightly different mix than what is shown but we can guarantee that they will all be lovely!