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Hedgerow Floor Lamp

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A glowing lamp to add a feeling of light and warmth to your home. My Hedgerow design was born in early lockdown when the spring was unfurling and I took my daily walks along the lanes. This floor lamp features yarrow, campions, barren brome grass, dandelions, jack-by-the-hedge and a foxglove. I call it a floor lamp as it's larger than my others but is perfectly suited to sitting on a table, sideboard or other surface.

  • handmade to order in my studio
  • free-of-charge lifetime* replacement of parts.
  • fully assembled (not flat packed)
  • ships around the world
  • 2.5 metre white (or clear for U.S) cable with inline switch UK, U.S or Euro
  • comes with a warm LED bulb (UK & Europe only)
  • CE marked and safety tested
  • height: tall 58cm, 31cm wide and 18cm deep.
  • more details in my FAQ

The lamp Hannah is a wonderful celebration of nature’s gifts to us: hauntingly beautiful, playful, joyous, intriguing shapes and forms to explore as the eye begins to focus on then study each stem, flower, leaf, seed, and berry, from fore to background that makes the glorious whole. 

 The lamp stands at the top of the stairs making the ascent of each step a voyage of discovery as more of the lamp is revealed and at a height that is easy for the eye to pick out its intricate detail.