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caring for your lamp

The lamps are laminated in plastic which means they are strong and durable but they are not recyclable so together we need to look after them so that they last a long time.

Just so you know, I offer a free-of-charge lifetime* replacement of parts. Should a popper pop off or a cable go 'poof' I will sort it out so we can keep your light shining for a long time to come. Just email me. (This doesn't apply to bulbs or fuses).

The lamps can be wiped down with a well wrung out cloth but must not be submersed in water. 

If the bulb goes, sometimes the fuse in the plug will blow too so do try changing that first. It's a 3 amp fuse.

If you're in UK or Europe the lamps take an E14 bulb which is a small screw candle fitting.  The LED bulb it comes with is 230 lumens which is equivalent to about 25W old style. If you happen to still have any old style bulbs left please don't use one above 40W.

In the U.S/Canada you will need an E12 candle shaped bulb. I'm sorry I can't supply these with the lamp.


* for as long as I am making lamps which will probably be forever!