My studio - before & after

Hannah Nunn Studio - wallpaper designer in Hebden Bridge

My studio hasn't always been filled to the rafters with pattern and prettiness. Once upon a time it was a tired old office space with blown vinyl wallpaper and a mucky blue carpet, but as soon as I saw it I knew it was just right! It had SO many windows and views over the rooftops, across the valley to the trees.

Hannah Nunn studio - the before pictures

I'm glad that Sarah had a mind to take these before pictures when we had just moved in. I sat in that spot in the middle of the room as that was where my desk partition was going to be. That head of mine was doing some serious visualising!

Hannah Nunn studio - the before pictures

We had to beg the landlords to let us get rid of the carpets so we could lay a good, sweep-able workshop floor. We stripped off all of that old wallpaper and gave it a lick of paint. It's funny to think that at this point in time (ten years ago) my wallpaper wasn't even a thing yet. It was just a tiny flicker of an idea.

Hannah Nunn studio the before pictures

And window film? I'd not even heard of it. But look at all those windows waiting...

Hannah Nunn studio - before & after

I didn't know I'd have a laser cutter of my own at that point too

Hannah Nunn Studio - tiny treasures. Photo by Sarah Mason

or that there would be tiny treasures hanging everywhere.

Hannah Nunn studio - before and after

I had no idea what those internal windows would look out onto or how the space would evolve.

I didn't know that the end wall would become my wallpaper 'warehouse'

Hannah Nunn studio - photo by Sarah Mason

But I knew we'd be happy there and that there was space to expand and grow.

Hannah Nunn studio

I knew that I loved the light and that there was plenty of room for us to have shared lunches with my studio buddies.

Hannah Nunn lamps on the shelves in the studio

And I knew I could make it work. What a golden place it has become x


I just discovered you on instagram – and oh! The horror! I am so sorry and I hope you will rise, phoenix-like, again soon … I am too far away to visit but maybe, one day … your work is very beautiful.

Damaris Wilson

I am so truly sorry to hear about the fire! Praying for you as you navigate the grief.

Tracey Gaver

So sorry for you and all the others whose studios were lost in the fire. My thoughts are with you all!

Laura Valk

Clever – nice.
Who did the upholstery?


Great to see the before photos. Looking forward to popping in today, inter al to see that lovely seed pod wallpaper (is it in window film?). Jx


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