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Hedgerow Wallpaper in Furling

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This design is my lockdown treasure, born in early 2020 when the spring was unfurling and I took my solitary walks along the lanes every day. It's a tangle of hawthorn, honeysuckle, elder flowers, bramble, clover, foxgloves, campions, dandelions, jack-by-the-hedge, poppies, yarrow and more.

This colour is called Furling. Is it green? Is it blue? However you see it, it's bursting with life just like when the hedgerow unfurls to reveal it's magic.


  • ships around the world
  • in stock and ready to send (unless stated otherwise here)
  • it's the traditional paste-the-paper kind
  • printed in the UK with organic pigments on sustainable coated paper
  • fully biodegradable
  • it's fine to return extra rolls if they are unopened
  • one roll is 10m long and 52cm wide
  • covers 5.23 square metres
  • 76cm half drop repeat
  • use our wallpaper calculator to work out how much you need
  • if you buy a one meter piece it will be 100cm length and 52cm wide
  • PLEASE NOTE if you buy multiple 'one metre pieces' they will come as separate units.
  • you can order a wooden poster hanger here
  • more details in my FAQ


Please order an sample to be sure of your colour as it can vary from what you see on screen. Wallpaper can also be purchased as a one metre piece, perfect for smaller projects like papering the backs of cupboards or shelves, scrapbooking or simply hanging it on the wall as a piece of art.