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Tiny Treasures Window Film

Tiny Treasures is a vast collection of seeds and pods and things you might put in your pocket when you're out walking in the woods. You might recognise some of the motifs - there are sycamore seeds, conkers, feathers, poppy seeds, fir cones and seeds from alder, elm and ash to name a few. The shapes look wonderful against the sky with the light shining through so it makes a perfect window film. 

  • cut to your exact size specifications
  • made by the window film company
  • next day deliver if ordered weekdays before 1pm
  • gives the look and feel of sandblasted glass
  • creates prettiness AND privacy
  • easy to install 
  • comes with full fitting instructions and your own squeegee
  • fully cleanable
  • more details in my FAQ
  • this designs comes in one print option


  • White print on frost: Your order will be printed in white ink onto frosted window film. You won't be able to see through the glass, but natural light will be allowed pass through your glazing.


What customers say...

'Your window film has transformed every piece of furniture I’ve used it on. Beautiful'.

'I got some of your Paper Meadow window film yesterday and love it. It's so much prettier than the nets and does the job perfectly. Very happy with it.'