“My Hannah Nunn cow parsley lamp is one of my most treasured possessions because not only is it staggeringly pretty with the light spilling from the paper cuts but the brilliantly observed details remind me of everything I love about meadows, the exuberance, the fragility and the wonder of nature's minutiae.”

–Belinda Norrington, Wild Acre Jewellery

“Love it all. I have Charlotte's Garden in my hall, Paper Meadow in my bedroom and window film in the bathroom. Beautiful details and excellent quality. One day people will talk about Hannah Nunn in the same way we talk about Wiliam Morris.”

–Rebecca Yorke

“The roman blinds you made for me in Paper Meadow are just perfection. When extended they are more like decorative wall panels than window dressing! They are daily food for the soul.”

–Katherine Johnson

“Superfast shipping and properly packaged. The paper is sturdy and easy to get a very good result when wallpapering. This wallpaper is the most beautiful I have ever seen and is stunning on the walls! Thank you Hannah for making my home more lovely!”

–Sia, Sweden

“These lamps bring me to a quiet place after a long day. The simple nature designs are calming.”

–Vicki Miller

“Amazing paper ... high design, impeccable quality and speedy shipping & delivery. Super service! We are so very pleased with our choice!”

–Connie, US

“A quick note to let you know that all of our wall lights have been installed and they look really beautiful. We are thrilled with them. The lights look lovely and subtly different against different wall colours ranging from blue to a deep leaf green, soft grey-green, and sunny yellow. And they particularly look lovely when they are dimmed at night - I leave my daughters on overnight very softly dimmed and it makes a beautiful night light.”

–Brigid, London

“Just a quick note to say thankyou for the exquisite wall lights! They are hanging in our new conservatory against a white painted brickwall and it looks amazing.I am very pleased with the overall effect! Thankyou for creating the perfect lighting backdrop.”

–Joanne, East Sussex

“Just to let you know the lamps arrived and they look great. Even my partner commented that he likes them ... which is praise indeed!”

–Carol, Scotland

“Lucky enough to be given a large Cow Parsley lamp for my birthday last Thursday and OMG I adore it, Hannah!! One of my favourite presents ever - makes any room I try it in look warm, and beautiful and inviting. Only snag is, I have only 1 lamp and lots of rooms! x”

–Sarah Jane, Eastbourne

“My husband has given me two of your beautiful lamps this morning as part of my birthday presents. I just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with them both (now taking pride of place in the living room so I can enjoy them as much as possible). Best wishes.”

–Chris, Hampshire

“Thank you very much, I am enjoying my candle cover right now ! I have been having a horrible few days and this has certainly cheered me up. You do lovely work and I certainly will be ordering more in the future.”

–Maureen, US

“My lamp arrived yesterday, and now has pride of place in the living room. I love it, and so do all my children. They keep looking at it and saying wistfully "Oh mummy, your light is so pretty"! Thank you.”

–Hannah, Devon

“Hannah, it is absolutely stunning. I didn't realize how much movement there is in the pattern; the cow parsley lifts the eye and the other flora gives it such life. It it the best choice for our room - surrounded by trees, your paper enhances the view rather than competes. The fulfillment of a decade-long dream and search. We stared at it for hours last night. Thank you again, we are thrilled.”

–Blythe, US

“The lamp Hannah is a wonderful celebration of nature’s gifts to us: hauntingly beautiful, playful, joyous, intriguing shapes and forms to explore as the eye begins to focus on then study each stem, flower, leaf, seed, and berry, from fore to background that makes the glorious whole. The lamp stands at the top of the stairs making the ascent of each step a voyage of discovery as more of the lamp is revealed and at a height that is easy for the eye to pick out its intricate detail.”

–Pennie Perkins