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A set of Paper Pebbles

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These paper pebbles were inspired by a longing to collect treasures on the beach but being so far from the sea during this lockdown year I could only visit the beach in my imagination!  I had lots of fun creating different textures and patterns and dreaming up the sound of seagulls and the smell of salty air.

The paper has been laser engraved to create the unique patterns and textures that are brought to life when the light shines on them or through them. You can hang them up in a string or just place them somewhere that they will catch the light. 

  • one pack includes fourteen assorted paper pebbles, two paper pottery shards and one sprig of paper seaweed
  • comes with a metre (ish) of nylon string on a bobbin and a cardboard weight 
  • ready to be easily threaded horizontally or vertically
  • wrapped in a 100% compostable glassine bag