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Daisy Candle Cover

Create a flickering, candle-lit glow in your room with this daisy candle cover. They look beautiful on a mantle-piece or as a glowing center-piece on a table and really make the room feel cosy. They look great standing alone or as part of a collection.  

  • handmade to order in our studio
  • comes with a glass jar to put a tealight candle inside
  • can be used with battery LED candle if you have one
  • fully assembled (not flat packed)
  • ships around the world
  • height: 13cm
  • diameter: 9cm


What customers say...

'I have one of these for each season- this last one is the summer daisy.
Very safe with a small glass vase for a nightlight. The parchment cover casts a warm light which sets of the flower in bright relief. It is beautiful- thank you.'

'These candle covers bring such a wonderful feel to the room'.

'Beautiful! beautiful and very well made. Gorgeous at night with a flickering candle'.

This daisy design could be coordinated with the Daisy Meadow wallpaper or window film.

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The candle cover is made from cream coloured laser cut parchment effect paper 225 gsm and laminated with a thick matt lamination pouch for strength and durability.


They come with a glass jar to put a tea light candle inside and they MUST be used with this jar to keep the flame and the shade safely apart. Alternatively you could use a battery operated tea light if you have one.

What are they made of? They are made of a creamy coloured parchment paper with a laser cut design. It is then laminated for strength and durability and to create the bright white areas of the designs. 

Are they all the same colour? Yes they are. We have done our best to give a true likeness of their effect but sometimes this can vary in the photographs.