Forest, sea and misty mountains

a hillock in Newborough Forest, Angelsey

It's just struck me how much this hillock reminds me of a Kay Nielsen painting that I love - the one called  'And then she lay on a little green patch in the midst of a gloomy thick wood'.

Newborough Forest, Angelsey

In the painting the hill is covered in little flowers. I bet this was too, back in the spring, but the ferns and the grasses were the main attraction on this September day and we were drawn there to eat our picnic.

Newborough forest mountain views

We are in Newborough Forest in Angelsey following a path through the forest to the sea, looking out for red squirrels on the way. 

Newborough Forest, Angelsey with Snowdonia in the background

I love studying the Ordnance Survey maps when we go somewhere new (my Dad was a geography teacher) and this place looked so interesting on paper. Miles of forest laced with paths, big sand dunes, a long beach and a little island that juts off the coast. The mountain views were a surprise that I hadn't considered when map reading.

sand dune path through the forest, Newborough beach

As we got closer to the sea, the paths became sandier and sandier. Dean recalled his first memory of a sand dune beach and his two year old self  thinking it was as soft as ice cream!

Newborough beach dunes

As we climbed the sandy hill of the dunes it opened out to reveal a calm, silvery sea and the misty blue mountains of Snowdonia.

sea and mountains Llanllwyn beach

Swimming was irresistible. The water like a still lake. There were no waves to navigate, no jellyfish in sight and swimming with the mountains in the distance was magic.

beach and mountains

And then we wrapped up in our new toweling beach hoodies (that have revolutionised getting changed on the beach) and mooched about, looking in tidal pools and marveling at seaweed.

bladderwrack seaweed with very tiny shells on

At a glance we thought this seaweed had suckers on it. Zooming in, we find tiny shells!

Graphic grey and white pebbles were the theme of the day!

sand dunes

Now you might think, that all the forest walking and the cool swimming and the beach combing might have been enough for one day, especially after we had topped it off with an ice cream at the beach car park BUT there was a whole little island left to explore.

marram grass close up

So we carried on, studying the marram grass on the way

walking on Llandwyn

and crunched up the shingly paths of Llanddwyn island.


The island has a lighthouse and a monument and the very old ruins of a church, all steeped in history and stories

and set against craggy rocks, sandy shores and big sea views.

Llandwyn lighthouse

But it was the plants that got my attention.

sea thrift on the cliffs

 The delicate, fading sea thift,

queen anne's lace

the queen anne's lace seed heads

and the grasses and autumnal ferns, all framed the sea views beautifully

 and kept me amused.

We spotted cormorants on this little island. They are familiar to me as we have one (or a pair maybe) that visits Hebden and fishes in the river near the school. They often capture the attention of bird watchers with big camera lenses as they look a bit unusual here in town.

newborough forest

There was lovely evening light as we walked back along the beach with our bare feet in the sea, watching the sun illuminate the mountains, one by one, putting them in their own spotlight for a minute or two. It was tempting to swim all over again as the sea looked delicious but we headed home to find some fish and chips instead.

We realised we hadn't seen a single red squirrel but we certainly saw a lot!



Lovely to read and view Hannah,
Thank you, Penny

Penny Fitzmaurice

Thank you so much Hannah. Marvellous images. Feel really privileged to share your day. All the joy and wonder I experienced as a girl revisited in your beautiful posts.

Sharon Larkworthy

Hi Hannah, your descriptions of places and scenes is just enticing (have you not thought of writing for travel blogs?) and I want to travel and find my own lovely places as soon as possible! I too love OS maps (any maps actually) as they provide such interesting information. Thank you for yet another calming and inspiring blog. Lorna x

Lorna Robinson

Thank you for sharing your special day – such beautiful photos. It has inspired me to get to the beach as soon as my toes are fixed (broke two on my left foot on Monday so have to sit with my foot strapped up for the time being). Your three somethings and blogs are helping me plan for when I can get moving again. We were hoping to come to your Open Studios but not sure if that’ll be possible now :(

Eliza Barrett

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