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Hedgerow proofs

Wednesday, 5 August 20

Hannah Nunn hedgerow wallpaper

The first step on the wallpaper development journey is preparing the design to be engraved onto the metal cylinder that it will be printed with. My designs are tonal, meaning they are printed with lots of variations of the same colour. The best print method for this is something called gravure.

The gravure cylinders are so beautiful but I probably wont get to see this one this time as I won't be going to the factory for colour day as usual due to covid. Here is a link to a post about the Paper Meadow gravure cylinder if you are interested to see.

Once I approve these digital proofs they will then be etched and then the cylinder will be sent to the wallpaper factory...

Hannah Nunn

Welcome to my blog

I'm Hannah Nunn, designer/maker of papercut lamps, wallpaper, fabrics and window film all inspired by the beautiful details of nature. Find out what inspires me and join me for walks in the woods and other adventures...

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