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Window film in a beautiful Edinburgh air bnb

Tuesday, 4 August 20

Paper Meadow window film by Hannah Nunn

I love seeing my products in peoples homes especially when the windows are as BEAUTIFUL as this! I love what they have done here by using Paper Meadow on the lower panes and Paper Meadows Edge on the top to finish it off. It works so well.

I had windows like this in my student house. No it wasn't your average student house! In fact no other house or its windows have come close to being as beautiful as my student house! But I digress...

These beautiful windows belong to a stunning four bed house in Edinburgh which is an air bnb

Hannah Nunn window film in Edinburgh bnb

I urge you to go check out...

Hannah Nunn

Welcome to my blog

I'm Hannah Nunn, designer/maker of papercut lamps, wallpaper, fabrics and window film all inspired by the beautiful details of nature. Find out what inspires me and join me for walks in the woods and other adventures...

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