Hannah Nunn hedgerow

I want to share with you some photo's of my new Hedgerow design. It's going to be a wallpaper and a window film AND some fine art quality prints to frame.

Hannah Nunn hedgerow

I started gathering ideas for this hedgerow design back in early lockdown. Remember those bright sunny days when the air was so clear and the birdsong SO loud? I hope you got to experience that wherever you live. I feel very privileged to live in this beautiful valley and to have been able to take my daily exercise in the lanes and fields and woods around the town.

Hannah Nunn hedgerow

I didn't know I was gathering ideas for a design at first. I just went out there every day and soaked it up. You know how much I love plants and flowers. Each day I'd be drawn in to something new that was unfurling into Spring. I took lots of snaps on my phone...because that's just what I do and soon found myself back home drawing and getting excited by putting everything together.

Hannah Nunn hedgerow

My love for hedgerows started back when I lived in Wales. I loved those narrow country lanes with towering walls made out of a huge tangle of plants and flowers. They always drew me in. I made the above brome drawing in a hedge near Wild Meadow on one of our visits. It's nice that it has found a home.

Hannah Nunn hedgerow

One of my lockdown treasures has been discovering so many new walks. I have linked up so many paths and discovered new places. These new discoveries are woven into this design and I'll remember the strange days that gave us so many restrictions but also a new kind of freedom. The time everything slowed down.

Hannah Nunn hedgerow

Today I pressed GO on this design and sent my files to the wallpaper factory so they can begin the process of etching it onto the gravure cylinder that will be used to print the paper. We are a way off choosing colours yet but there will most likely be three to choose from once we go to print. I'm about to start testing it for window film AND I'm going to make some giclee prints too. Art prints will be a whole new world for me and will offer my patterns to people who don't have walls for wallpaper so I'm excited about that.

Hannah Nunn hedgerow

What have your lockdown treasures been? Do let me know. 

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Hi. I have loved discovering your webpage and all your beautiful products and designs. I have just received my hedgerow window film frost on glass and am looking forward to putting it on our landing window to give it some much needed detail and class!
I am looking forward to seeing your wallpaper colours. I have been looking for something subtle in a cream/ white. I wonder if you had ever considered doing something a bit like Laura Ashley wallpaper I bought a few years back called gypsophilia. It is white with a really subtle print of the flowers. I wish I could show you as I think some of your prints would look amazing in a similar colourway.

Jackie Hawkins

You have excelled yourself, absolutely beautiful and definitely your best design yet. Cannot wait to order, I know exactly where it will go! ❤️

Emma Stead

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