our wild meadow wedding 35mm photoshoot

Here we are - the wild meadow love birds. And this is the big old oak that we got married under some hours before. And these photos are taken by my daughter Ffion on 35mm film.

While our guests were in the tent having second and third helpings from the midsummer buffet (it was amazing) we snuck off up the field together for a little photo shoot.

It was lovely to walk up the aisle again, with a little less trepidation this time, holding the knowledge in our hearts that our ceremony had unfolded beautifully - the special words had been spoken, the songs sung, the rings warmed by our loved ones. We had done it and we were having the best day ever.

Ffion offered to take the photos of our day. She has a beautiful way of taking candid shots of people, capturing their essence. She always has, ever since she started taking photos as a teen. Last year she began offering photo shoots to people - just one roll of film, in nature, somewhere you love, one session, no editing, one chance. The results have been stunning. Moving actually. So even though she took most of the photos of the day on the digital camera we wanted to give her a chance to work in film in this way too.  This was the time. 

We were a little disheveled by this point in the day, Deans suit jacket had been abandoned in the afternoon sun, the dress that Dean had ironed so crisply for me earlier now carried the creases of a day in a field with lots of hugs and I'd long lost my meadow bouquet. But my goodness aren't we wearing our happiness?

I loved wearing my dress so much. As you can see from the photos, some of the time Hannah Shkandij's embroidered grasses would hide themselves away, but other times they would catch the light so beautifully. They were perfect.

Where does the dress end and the meadow begin? Where do we end and the meadow begin?

There were some other special guest at the wedding, flamboyant, tall, attentive and dressed in pink. 

The foxgloves were good company! 

Ffion was wearing a foxglove coloured jumpsuit on the day too. According to the welsh name book that I chose her name from 30 years ago Ffion means foxglove. I love my memory of her in pink that day, arms in the air, spinning around, full of the joy of being around her family and friends in a beautiful place. All our guests were like beautiful flowers. She was definitely the foxglove.

I have so may photos of the day and I haven't finished sharing them yet, but I think you'll agree that this set of photos deserved a place all of their own so they could sing their own song. 

Ffion smiles when she's looking through her camera and it's so cute. You know her heart is in it. I know she loves us. That love is in these pictures and I'll be forever grateful. x


Tous mes vœux de bonheur
Magnifiques broderies sur votre robe


What gorgeous photos & it sounds like you had the happiest day! Many congratulations & wishing you lots of love & laughter ahead.

Catriona Rooney

Congratulations! Sounds like everyone had a lovely day in a magical place. Thanks for sharing it with us. Your dress, by the way, is simply perfect. I enjoyed the photos you shared in an earlier post, and it played beautifully with the natural surroundings of your special day.


Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing your celebration snaps. Enjoy a wonderful future and make the most of every second. Xx

Siân Brown

So pleased to see you both so happy. Love your dress with meadow grasses in meadow too. Congratulations 🥂💐❤️🤗

Margy Mayell

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