Wild Edge wallpaper print day!

gravure wallpaper printing machine at Anstey
After months in the making, and over a year since I had first had the idea for this pattern, the day finally came to print my Wild Edge wallpaper!
I took Sarah with me to do some filming (can you see her in her hi viz doing her thing?) and it all felt very poignant for us both because the film we are making is a 'coming-back-stronger-after-the-fire' type of film andĀ in the same week we hadĀ BOTH moved onto our new premises back in the centre of Hebden Bridge after being tucked away and out of sight for the last year.

It was such a good feeling to see it coming off the huge gravure machine on the factory floor. I love the contrast between the huge heavy machine and the fine, delicate patterns that it makes.

gravure machine printing Wild Edge wallpaper
It was good to see the finely etched print cylinders in action, picking up the colour from the vat of ink and printing all the fireweeds and nettles...

wallpaper on the suction wall at Anstey wallpaper
This is a suction wall so they can quickly cover it in pattern. At this point it's the first time I have seen the pattern in a life size, full repeat. That is a good feeling too. This green colourway is called 'nettle.'

150 metre roll of wallpaper
This is about 150 metres of paper and is a minimum order at the factory. Next it will be rolled into individual rolls. That could even be happening right now as I type.

wild edge wallpaper in full bloom being printed at the factory
Once I receive the rolls I will get it up on the walls and take some proper photos.

Wild Edge wallpaper in full bloom, pink andgreen colourway
This is 'full bloom'.

Wild edge wallpaper in' shadow'
This colourway is called 'shadow'.

archive of wallpaper prints
While the printing was underway we explored the factory. There are shelves that hold a sample of everything ever printed!

Paper Meadow in the archive of printed wallpaper
I couldn't believe that among them all I actually saw found of mine! It just jumped out at me!

marking up the inks in the solvent room
Wayne gave us a tour of the ink room. Waste ink gets saved and catalogedĀ here and re-used. The currently recycle 60% of their inks, but they have a target chart on the wall and are going for 100%!

william morris archives at Anstey
We also had a tour of the archives. Anstey hold all the original William Morris woodblocks. Imagine that!

William Morris original wood block archive at Anstey wallpaper
It's amazing to see these.Ā 

william morris archve woodblocks at Anstey
What a special piece of design history.

Hannah Nunn at Anstey wallpaper
It was a brilliant day. Sarah got lost in the filming and got lots of footageĀ that I cannot wait to see. I stood and watched the paper coming off the machines, trying to fully soak up what was happening.Ā There is so much story in this paper and seeing it being printed marks a new beginning. It will be the first thing that goes on the wall in my new studio. I can't wait to show you.

You can order samples and rolls of Wild Edge, and all the other papers in my collection here.

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