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In The Tall Grass Wallpaper in Silver

Create a stunning feature with this large meadow print. It feels like you are actually in among the grasses.

This is a construction print. One roll has three drops, each marked 'panel A', 'panel B' and 'panel C' and they must be hung in order. One drop is 330cm tall and 52 cm wide so one roll will do a little over one and a half metres across. The design can easily be trimmed at the top or bottom to fit the height of your wall.

This design is digitally printed in the UK.

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Technical Stuff

Wallpaper type: It is printed on coated paper and is a 'paste-the-paper' application with the exception of 'In The Tall Grass' which is a 'paste-the-wall' application.

Roll length: 10 metres

Width: 52cm

Weight per roll: 682g

Repeat sizes: Beech design - 26cm repeat, straight match

Paper Meadow design - 76.2cm repeat, half drop

Meadow Grass design - 52cm straight repeat

Daisy Meadow - 52cm straight repeat.

Charlotte's Garden - 52cm half drop repeat.

Tiny Treasures - 52cm half drop repeat.

Printed using a gravure cylinder in the UK.

You can read more about the process here on my blog.




How do I know how much wallpaper I need?

If you email us with the height and width of your wall we can calulate how much paper you will need but if you want to work it out for yourself this is how you do it: First work out the number of drops you will need (width of your wall divided by the width of the wallpaper). You may have to round the number up. You then multiply this number of drops by the height of the wall and you get the metres needed for your wall excluding the wallpaper pattern repeat. Multiply your wallpaper pattern repeat by the number of drops needed minus 1 (this is because the first drop doesn't need to be included). Add this figure to the metres needed without pattern repeat and this gives you the final amount of metres for covering your wall. Divide this by the number of metres on a roll to give you the final number of rolls needed.


Wall width is 348cm, wall height is 266cm

Wallpaper roll is 52cm wide with a 76.2cm pattern repeat and the roll is 10m long.

348/52 = 6.69 (rounded up to 7 = 7 drops)

7 drops x 266cm wall height = 1,862cm

76.2cm pattern repeat x 6 (7 drops - 1) = 457.2

457cm + 1,862cm = 2,319.20cm = 23.19 metres

23.19 metres divided by 10 metres on a roll = 2.31 rolls

Therefore you will need 3 rolls of wallpaper

How long will it take before I receive my wallpaper?

All orders will be dispatched within 3 days. You will receive an email when it has been dispatched. You will receive hanging instructions with the wallpaper.

Samples are availabe now.

Our shopping cart will do it's best to calculate international shipping but it doesn't always get it right! If it seems alot just email us with your requirements and address and we can give a more accurate quote.

What will happen if I have ordered too much wallpaper and have spare rolls left over - can I return them?

Yes, if this is within the 28 day period as referred to under 'Refunds and Returns'.

Returns and refunds

If you are unhappy with your wallpaper for any reason and would like to return it, returns will be accepted if returned in perfect condition in the packaging undamaged and within 28 days of receipt of the order. Full payment less delivery costs will be refunded to you. Shipping will be at the customers expense and we would suggest that you use registered post as we will not be responsible for any products that are lost or damaged. If the goods are faulty postage costs will be refunded.


"Superfast shipping and properly packaged. The paper is sturdy and easy to get a very good result when wallpapering. This wallpaper is the most beautiful I have ever seen and is stunning on the walls! Thank you Hannah for making my home more lovely!" Sia, Sweden

"Amazing paper ... high design, impeccable quality and speedy shipping & delivery. Super service! We are so very pleased with our choice!" Connie, U.S

"Hannah, it is absolutely stunning. I didn't realize how much movement there is in the pattern; the cow parsley lifts the eye and the other flora gives it such life. It it the best choice for our room - surrounded by trees, your paper enhances the view rather than competes. The fulfillment of a decade-long dream and search. We stared at it for hours last night. Thank you again, we are thrilled" Blythe, U.S