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In The Tall Grass Wallpaper in Silver

Create a stunning feature with this large meadow print. It feels like you are actually in among the grasses.


  • in stock and ready to ship (unless stated otherwise)
  • ships around the world
  • this is a paste-the-wall paper
  • fully biodegradable
  • printed digitally in the UK on sustainable paper
  • it's fine to return extra rolls if they are unopened
  • one roll is 10m long and 52cm wide
  • covers 5.23 square metres
  • see details below about hanging this construcion print
  • use our wallpaper calculator to work out how much you need


Please order an A4 sample for the purpose of colour matching. You won't be able to see much of this HUGE print on the sample but you will get a feel for the paper and the colour.

What customers say...

'I love our wallpaper so much. It turns our cosy living room into a summer meadow all year round and makes me happy every day'.

You can see this paper in situ at Der Daberer eco hotel in Austria. Read the blog post here.

This is a construction print. One roll has three drops, each marked 'panel A', 'panel B' and 'panel C' and they must be hung in order. One drop is 330cm tall and 52 cm wide so one roll will do a little over one and a half metres across. The design can easily be trimmed at the top or bottom to fit the height of your wall.

  • specifications
  • faq


Wallpaper type:It is printed on coated paper and is a 'paste-the-wall' application.

More info coming shortly.

Feel free to use our wallpaper calculator to work out how much you need.

Feel free to use our wallpaper calculator to work out how much you need.


How long will it take before I receive my wallpaper?

All orders will be dispatched within 3 days. You will receive an email when it has been dispatched.


Do you ship wallpaper internationally?

Yes we do. Our shopping cart will do it's best to calculate international shipping but it doesn't always get it right! If it seems a lot just email us with your requirements and address and we can give a more accurate quote. If you go ahead and order and you pay too much for shipping we will refund the extra.


Returns and refunds

If you are unhappy with your wallpaper for any reason and would like to return it or you have simply ordered too many rolls for your job, returns will be accepted if the rolls are still in perfect condition and wrapped in the cellophane. You must make returns within 28 days of receipt of the order. Full payment less delivery costs will be refunded to you. Shipping will be at the customers expense and we would suggest that you use registered post as we can’t be responsible for any products that are lost or damaged in transit. If the goods are faulty postage costs will be refunded.


How do I know how much wallpaper I need?

Feel free to use our online wallpaper calculator. Or if you want to work it out for yourself this is how you do it: First work out the number of drops you will need (width of your wall divided by 52cm which is the width of the wallpaper). You may have to round the number up. You then multiply this number of drops by the height of the wall (we suggest adding 15cm on to the height for trimming) and you get the metres needed for your wall excluding the wallpaper pattern repeat. Multiply your wallpaper pattern repeat by the number of drops needed minus 1 (this is because the first drop doesn't need to be included). If the repeat is a half-drop (rather than straight match), multiply the repeat by 1.5. Add this figure to the metres needed without pattern repeat and this gives you the final amount of metres for covering your wall. Divide this by the number of metres on a roll to give you the final number of rolls needed.



Wall width is 348cm, wall height is 266cm

Wallpaper roll is 52cm wide with a 76.2cm straight-match pattern repeat and the roll is 10m long.

348/52 = 6.69 (rounded up to 7 = 7 drops)

7 drops x 266cm wall height = 1,862cm

76.2cm pattern repeat x 6 (7 drops - 1) = 457.2

457cm + 1,862cm = 2,319.20cm = 23.19 metres

23.19 metres divided by 10 metres on a roll = 2.31 rolls

Therefore you will need 3 rolls of wallpaper.


 What sort of glue or paste do I need?

All of the wallpaper is ‘paste-the-paper’ application with the exception of ‘In The Tall Grass’ which is ‘paste-the-wall’. You don’t need any kind of special paste. Just a good ready mixed paste from any DIY store will do the job fine.

Is the wallpaper suitable for bathrooms?

We wouldn't recommend hanging this wallpaper in an area with high humidity as it is not something that the factory have tested. When hanging wallpapers in a kitchen or a bathroom, somewhere with high humidity conditions we would always recommend using a vinyl wall covering. The heat embossed PVC layer on top of the wallpaper acts as a barrier and enables the paper to perform better in these conditions. I don’t make any wallpapers with a vinyl coating.

However if you really did want to use one of my wallpapers, preparation really is key. The walls need to be fully prepared, sized and line to ensure the best hanging results. The paper should then be hung to a high quality using a good, strong, ready mixed adhesive. The room should be kept as well ventilated as possible to allow the room to breathe and to allow a good air flow.

We wouldn’t be able to accept any liabilities here.

Is the wallpaper environmentally friendly?

Wallcoverings are derived from natural materials, are sourced from sustainable materials, have a long lifecycle and can be recycled, decorated over, or disposed of safely as they are fully biodegradable.

My factory colours the wallpaper with inks and printing materials sourced from specialist suppliers that ensure that they are free of heavy metals. All Inks are made from organic pigments and are controlled to a high environmental standard and satisfy all EU legislation. They recycle waste inks and paper wherever possible and run tight controls over energy use in order to reduce their carbon footprint. They also have our own waste water processing plant!

Raw materials are sourced from organisations which trade ethically, are bound by environmental controls and have their own environmental management systems. Paper base is supplied by organisations which source pulp from sustainable forests, maintained by the two largest global certified forest product certification systems.