The Daberer Hotel

Hannah Nunn In The Tall Grass wallpaper at Der Daberer biohotel Austria

This weekend me and my sister were supposed to be travelling to Austria to stay at Der Daberer eco hotel but due to the pandemic our plans were halted. Me an Emily don't get that much alone time together for a good old catch up so as her fortieth birthday treat we booked some luxurious time to ourselves here at this beautiful spa hotel in the mountains. 

Hannah Nunn wallpaper at The Daberer Hotel in Austria

I first heard of the hotel when they ordered wallpaper for the lobby a few years ago and I have followed them on Instagram ever since, seeing pictures of the stunning location, the tranquil yoga room, the pond, the library with mountain views and the saunas in the woods. 

Hannah Nunn wallpaper at der Daberer otel in Austria

Last year they revamped some of their rooms and to my delight ordered In The Tall Grass wallpaper for seven of their rooms.

Hannah Nunn wallpaper at the Daberer hotel in Austria

So that sealed the deal. We had to visit!

Hannah Nunn wallpaper in der Daberer hotel Austria

For now we will have to make do with only these photos which Marianne sent me this morning. We will have to imagine the spring mountain air, far reaching views the spa treatments, the food and the alpine flowers. 

Hannah Nunn wallpaper in der Daberer hotel

And me an Em will have to wait for our big old catch up!

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