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I love the cosy, quiet weeks that I take off at Christmas and into January. They are always much needed after the frantic few weeks in the studio. But this year I am going to be taking much longer off. I wish I could say I have boldly and bravely cleared my calendar and will be taking some time out for myself, but it's not quite like that. I will be having an enforced hibernation. Actually it's going to be a convalescence. 

I want to spare you the details but if I tell you I'm having major surgery you'll only wonder why so you can have it! For the last five years or so I have been bleeding way too heavily. Five years ago the blood loss felt extreme but looking back it was nothing compared to what it is today. I've had many smaller surgeries and investigations and have tried all sorts of things but nothing has been able to hold it back. It's actually a wonder I'm still standing, testament to the strong life energy I am blessed with and a lot of deep self care. The bleeding has been an extra drain this year though I can tell you and I have had enough.

So I'm having a hysterectomy. I postponed my September date as we were moving house and then I begged to change my November date, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to get the business up and running again. So January 6th it is.

I am winding down from now in preparation. I am trying to embrace the idea of finally getting to hibernate, of being still and quiet for a good long time, but I am a bit scared. Not so much about the surgery, but about the long period of doing nothing. My body is used to doing yoga every day and walking a lot and being very active. If I don't move I stagnate and then I feel low. And you know that I am a do-er. I love to create and make better, but I won't be able to, not for a while.

But I know that inside my body I will be busy busy busy. There will be so much healing to do. All I need to do is rest and be nourished. So I'm gathering books, journals, cosy socks and blankets. I'm getting my nest ready, surrounding myself with things I love and thank goodness for my tree view. I'm waiting to hang the bird feeders outside my living room window so I have something really exciting to look forward to and I'm rallying friends and family to come and look after me.

I'm going to have to get good at doing nothing.

I'll be in my nest until early spring. I'll miss the studio, I'll miss the woods and I'll really miss writing my three somethings. I'll be directing all my energy into healing. Healing my body from the operation but also healing my heart from everything that has happened this year. I'm going into the deep.

Domenique and Hannah will be looking after things in the studio, so please don't stop ordering! The business still needs to look after me financially while I'm away and pay everyone's wages etc etc. It feels scary to let it all go for a while but the events of this year have shown me that I am very well supported so that soothes my worries somewhat.

I know this year I have done too much. This has been the most 'too much' year I've ever had. 

This time next year I will be in a better place and I'm really looking forward to that.

I'll leave you with some photos of Willow in the window from September when the leaves were green and lush, right through autumn to the frost and snow of winter. The next series will be making our way into spring when I shall emerge again like the daffodils!

Thanks for being there for me.x




That’s actually a lovely post even though it means you’re having to have an operation. The last five years alone but have been very draining and I wish you well with your recovery. Bodies are amazing things and the slow down will do you good and you can gradually get back to doing your usual things which keep you sane at a slower pace. Take care. Sending love.

Maggie Smith

Sending love and Best wishes for a healing couple of months Hannah 💚 it’s not at all easy for us creative, busy types to stop and do nothing is it, all too easy to push ourselves too soon – so a brave but right decision to plan and prepare ahead. If you run out of ‘ways to keep busy whilst doing nothing’ give me a shout – I have a few up my sleeve! Xxx


I had unexpected major surgery at the beginning of October and yes the recovery is slow and you may not see an improvement everyday… some days you may feel your going back but you will move forward… trust me.
Wiggle your toes the minute you wake up, then wiggle your feet, move your arms and before you know it you’ll be back at it. I started by wiggling my toes and kept at it, it won’t be easy but you’ll get there, I promise. Teeny tiny baby steps only!
Take care and much much love xx xx


Wishing you peace and comfort during your healing. I, too, suffered like this for years and had my hysterectomy just last February. Winter was the ideal time to draw inward and come home to my body. I can assure you that eventually you will feel vital again, as I finally do. We will both look back and wonder how we survived and what plans God has for us yet.


That’s a coincidence. I was looking at your window film on our bathroom window this morning here in snowy Shetland and wondering how you were getting on, after the awful fire. I had my hysterectomy in 2011 and it was because of womb cancer. Chemo and radiotherapy followed and I took time out from my tiny craft shop so that I could, like you, concentrate on coping with my year of treatment plus healing. You’re doing the right thing! All will be well. Best wishes.

Fiona Cope

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