Christmas treasures

christmas decorations handmade
I took these photos last December, in readiness for this December as I had an idea to do a Christmas decoration gift guide email to share the many beautiful handmade decorations that makers were catching my eye with on the internet. BUT many things haven't quite gone to plan this year, and my concise gift guide email is one of them. I thought I could still share a few of my Christmas treasures though with a few links.

Last year we bought a Rooted tree from a local grower. Afterwards it goes back to the field from which it came but with our names tied on a label, the idea being that each year we can welcome this family member back and say 'Ooh haven't you grown!' As it happens our little tree didn't fare too well in the summer drought so we have another one coming while it stays in place to be nurtured back to health.

Kirtsy Elson driftwood house decoration on the christmas tree
This little driftwood house decoration is by Kirsty Elson. You might spot some other tiny plywood houses in the tree too but they are so many years old I can't remember where they were from! I'm always drawn to little houses.

custard cream christmas tree decoration by Dunked
I bought Dean this custard cream from Dunked last year because he is rather partial (don't tell him but I just bought him a bourbon to add to the collection). Maybe next year a jammie dodger.

Little donkey screen printed tree decoration by Julia Ogden
I always love hanging up this little donkey by Julia Ogden.

paper embossed hand decoration by The Printed Peanut
I bought this lovely paper hand decoration from The Printed Peanut last year at EGGSMAS which is on in Hebden Bridge this coming weekend. Always Christmassy with great prezzies.

embossed tin tree decorations
Printed Peanut Louise always inspires me every year when she posts pics of her handmade tin decorations so me and Ffion had a go last year. It was fun.

embossed tin tree decorations
I had seen Porter Colline's lovely designs too and had a go. Hers are MUCH better!

Sarah Lock wood turned and hand painted bauble
Sarah Lock's wood turned baubles always find a branch to hang from. We used to sell them in the shop years ago along side her incredible lamp bases.
brass tree decorations by Maike Browning
When our new tree arrives on our doorstep on Sunday I am most excited to hang these new brass decorations that I just had the pleasure of unwrapping. They are by jeweller Maike Browning. She added the beautiful wreath as a surprise gift which made me teary. I've had so much kindness this year.

poppy seed head tree decoration
I enjoyed nestling in some of natures treasures too. Ready made decorations, perfect already.

Nic & Jen made a lovely festive video about gilding natural treasures last year though and it stayed with me. I bought some gold paint to have a go this year but I think it's got lost in the post! 

I know I should really make my own tree decorations as a product. I often get asked. It was something else that was on the development list this year that got pushed aside. Maybe next year!

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas. xxx

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