Studio warming

Hannah Nunn's studio in Hebden Bridge

On Sunday evening, when the last of our many visitors had said their goodbyes and ventured out into the crispy covering of snow, there was suddenly a beautiful stillness in the room. In this cosy hush I could feel the air buzzing with all the good vibrations that everyone had left for us. It felt lovely.

Hannah Nunn's studio in Hebden Bridge

And what a beautiful weekend for it. Frost and sunshine on the Saturday and a covering of snow on the Sunday making it feel very Christmassy indeed.

Hannah Nunn's studio in Hebden Bridge

On Friday afternoon Print Bureau came and fitted my sign and it felt like the finishing touch. I am here! This is my studio!

Hannah Nunn's open studio in Hebden Bridge

On Saturday morning the lamps were lit, the garlands strung and I had picked up my copy of The Yorkshire Post where Hebden Bridge Open Studios had a lovely feature.

Hebden Bridge Open Studios in the Yorkshire Post

Ffion asked me 'so are you open?'


 I was ready!

Hannah Nunn's open studio in Hebden Bridge

Pretty soon the place was full of people;

Hannah Nunn open studio

old friends, seasoned customers and people discovering my work for the first time.

Hannah Nunn's open studio in Hebden Bridge

People brought such cheer and congratulations. Lots of people know the journey I'd been on to get here after the fire and were so pleased to see me settled back in the heart of Hebden Bridge. They were also curious to see the transformation from old garage to new studio.

Hannah Shkandrij lavender sachets

I also invited my Friday employee Hannah Shkandrij to exhibit some of her beautiful embroidery. She filled the air with the scent of lavender from her sachets, which blended with the scent of mulled wine. Mmmmm.

Hannah Shkandrij embroidered sweatshirts

She brought her embroidered clothing too.

Hannah Nunn's stido in Hebden Bridge

As dusk fell it got so cosy inside.

Hannah Nunn's studio

 and it looked so inviting from the outside.

Hannah Nunn's open studio in Hebden Bridge
Hannah Nunn's studio

Nobody wanted to leave, myself included. 

Hannah Nunn wild edge window film

I'm still basking in the afterglow. It was such a wonderful weekend and a really beautiful affirmation of how far we've come. I love my new space and I am so glad to be surrounded by such lovely people.

Hannah Nunn's open studio

Thanks to Domenique and Hannah for all their hard work, thanks to Ffion for helping serve the mulled wine, thanks to the open studio team for drawing the crowds to Hebden Bridge on a wintry weekend and a huge THANK YOU to everyone who came through our doors. It was lovely to see you all.

The studio is now well and truly 'warmed'.


P.s. We are usually working in the studio Monday to Friday and you are welcome to visit but it'd be lovely if you let us know you are coming first so we can make sure we are in and ready for you. It's a working studio, rather than a shop so please take us as you find us. In the new year I'm going to properly OPEN on a Saturday once a month. I'll tidy up and get everything out so you can see it properly. If you'd like to be informed of those dates you can check on my 'contact' page nearer the time or sign up to my mailing list. Thank you x


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Hannah, I have followed you for a long time, but this post is by far one of my favourites. Your love of what you do, and how you get to show us the beautiful plants in such soothing colours, and your studio – blows me away. I love everything you do, your love for your art shines through. I have moved to a home that would look beautiful with your wallpaper – but which one to choose is the tricky bit. One thing, can you tell me please the colour of your windows and sills, as I think they would look beautiful on our new to us house. That window film though! next level. Thank you for your art.

Rosemary Frew

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