The darkest depths moon and a frosty morning

We opened the curtains this morning to find the big old moon gently setting behind the trees and the sun colouring in the hillside in gold from the top down.

I listened to As The Season Turns podcast the other day and lovely Lia Leendertz, the almanac lady told us that this full moon, which was on the 27th was called the Darkest Depths Moon and is the last full moon before the solstice. I found that so poetic and an invitation to lean into and find beauty in this dark time of year.

Beauty is certainly easy to find when you wake up to a morning like this with a crisp haw frost and golden light moving slowly down the hillside to warm up the bottom of the valley. We were all entranced.

I was outside in my pj's and coat. Dean and Willow stayed in the warm. 
By the time I set off to work the sun had just about reached the riverbank and the sun was making the frost sparkle.

I crunched about in the leaves for a bit enjoying how the frost accentuates all the details.

The sorrel was particularly beautiful

and of course the hogweed seed heads.

What a start to the day. The moon, the sun and the cold crisp air. It's a busy week for me preparing for open studios this weekend and my tendency is to head STRAIGHT TO WORK, on a mission to get everything done, but I'm glad I listened to a yearning to BE in this this beautiful morning. I was only out for half an hour or so but it has added so much zest to my day. 


Hello lovely Hannah and it was wonderful to see you today at your beautiful new studio! I love the mistletoe candle covers and can’t wait to set them up on the mantle, illuminated by tea lights and complementing the glow of the full-sized mistletoe lamp that I’ve treasured for years 🌱🤍🌿 Thank you as well for the podcast info! I’ve already started listening to Tales of Winter Encchantment after reading about it in your previous newsletter and look forward to checking out As The Season Turns – I love her Almanacs but had no idea she did podcasts. I can’t wait to see what magical things of beauty you create in 2024! xx

Lyn Ryan

Beaver Moon, apparently, when beavers get a move on preparing for hibernation. Jx


Gorgeous Hannah, thanks so much for sharing. It truly is a beautiful time of year, definitely embracing the concept of ‘wintering’ this year. And thanks for all the suggestions and links to others, excited to hear Agnes’ voice notes tomorrow. Keep well and happy – and warm!


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