winter to spring at the bend in the river

Every time i walk along the river path into town I stop to take a photo at the bend in the river and even though this project is not yet over I thought I'd celebrate the arrival of the spring green by showing you the transition from January to May.

I started on a bright crispy morning in January.

We had snow.

The next day it was mostly gone.

After this there were many weeks when it appeared not to change much.

But there's always changes in the swell of the river after so much rain.

In March the first leaf came out!

Blue sky always makes the grass look greener!

Pretty soon the trees begin to stir. The buds are opening!

Every day there is a little more going on...

and more...

and then 'poof'. It looks like spring!

I have walked this path most days, through mud and puddles, sunshine and rain and I love it everyday but as the sun gets higher and the path gets dryer my walks get longer and slower and more meandering. I know where the wren is nesting, I say hello to the robins, "hello bobbin" and the tame blackbird, I know what the dipper sounds like as it zips along the river.

Even though I'm walking from home (A) to work (B) I seem to have managed to wander, rather than strive to arrive at my destination with one pointed determination (which I'm kind of good at). Time slows down, it doesn't matter too much anymore. This is a change for me and one that I am pleased about. I arrive at work rosy cheeked and full of birdsong and usually with some photos I'm excited about. I feel very lucky indeed, not only to live here, but to be able to see it a new each day.

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This post and your beautiful photos absolutely filled my heart with joy! 🌱💚🌿

Lyn Ryan

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