Diving into the bluebells

bluebells Hardcastle Crags

When the sun is shining and the bluebells are out there is only one thing to do. 

bluebells Hardcastle Crags

Head to the woods and dive in with all your senses.

bluebells Hardcastle Crags

One little flower, together with many others like it get together and create this spectacle. It's amazing what you can do en-masse.

bluebells Hardcastle Crags

For me it's a lesson in making the most of the moment. They are here now. I am a here now. How can I be with them completely because they won't be here long?

bluebells Hardcastle Crags

The scent reminds me of other heightened spring moments when I probably asked the same question. When I tried to breathe them in as much as possible. 

bluebells Hardcastle Crags

Other flowers bloom here and there and the colours pop beautifully together.

We had our own little flower with us as pink as a campion!

bluebells Hardcastle Crags

The stitchworts light up like bright stars in a blue sky.

bluebells Hardcastle Crags
bluebells Hardcastle Crags

I am here now in this!

Most of these photos are in Hardcastle Crags but Colden Clough is bursting and Jumble Hole Clough is always a sight to behold. We are lucky to be surrounded by ancient woodland around here in Hebden Bridge.

I hope you get to dive in wherever you are.

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