thistle down at sunset

At 2.30 this afternoon the length of the night and the length of the day was perfectly equal all over the world. I like it when we have these moments in common with every single person across the globe.

beech woods in the golden hour

Yesterday I had an after walk work in the woods and took in this golden and gorgeous light. 

bech woods in the golden hour

There was a sense of 'soak it up while you can' because we all know the dark winter months are coming. And there's an extra layer to that this year with covid restrictions looming isn't there. We are going to have to make extra efforts this year to take care of ourselves I think. Make our homes somewhere that we can enjoy being if we are to spend more time in them than we may usually do. I recently made a board on Pinterest called cosiness and light. When I look at the board as a whole I know what I want my home to feel like. It's THIS feeling of cosy. It's THIS light.

I like the idea of resting up and being cosy and quiet in the winter and hibernating a bit but for me winter days are far from quiet. It's the busiest time in the business. Us light makers have a job to do you know. We are lighting up those dark corners. We are creating pools of cosy light to feel warmed by. Honestly as soon as the clocks change things go up a notch! It's funny and lovely.

hogweed seed head at sunset

I like that I can contribute to the cosiness that will help people get through the winter months. 

hogweed seed heads and cobwebs

And don't worry. I do good resting in the evenings!

Yorkshire stone steps in the golden evening light, Hebden Bridge

For now I am preparing. Taking the long way home while it's still light, breathing in the air, trying to find the perfect winter boot on the internet and making lamps!

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