Hannah Nunn in Spirals

Spirals Fairtrade in Hebden Bridge

After we closed our shop Radiance a few years ago my lamps no longer had an outlet in Hebden Bridge but despite a few lovely shops asking to sell them I kept them close to my chest as I wasn't sure what I'd be doing and my customers knew they could come and visit my studio. But time has moved on and my studio isn't in the centre of town anymore so I thought it would be good to be back on Market Street!

Hannah Nunn lamps in Spirals Hebden Bridge

I have long adored the upstairs of our marvellous Spirals as it feels like being back in Radiance again, surrounded by gorgeous colourful lighting like Lush Designs who we used to stock (I miss them) and so many creations by local artists and friends and I felt like it would be just the right spot.

Spirals upstairs Hebden Bridge

Spirals is like our very own department store of fair trade, handmade, art and retro. I've watched it grow from a teeny weeny shop to two huge floors of loveliness.

The lovely folk at Spirals have welcomed me so warmly and been excited to get my stuff on the shelves...in fact they even made a shelf especially! 

So you can find my lamps, journals and meadow flowers there. (Go up the stairs to the left of the counter).

It's nice to be glowing on Market Street once again x


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