Hedgerow colours

Hedgerow wallpaper colours

I chose four colours for my new Hedgerow wallpaper print. I usually do three when I launch a new design but I couldn't let go of any of these colours because I loved them so much!

Hedgerow wallpaper by Hannah Nunn

They are hard to describe on screen and none of these quick photo's really do it but each one has a magic of its own and my eyes get lost them. Let me introduce you...

Nocturne Hedgerow

It's a dark dark blue. It was almost called midnight. It's a nod to all the life that happens in the hedgerow at night. The hedgehogs sniffing around and the bats using the hedges as their night time navigation systemto make their way across the countryside.

This is a blue/green and was hard to name. It's nothing like any colours you find in a hedgerow. At best the light leaves are the colour of lichen. During a naming brainstorm Ffion came out with this. Furlings were characters from an animation she watched when she was little. I love the word. I like that you find it in the word unfurling. Furling and unfurling. That's what the hedgerows do for sure.

Hedgerow in pipit

It's a grey but it's also a brown. Like the soft fur of a mole or a mouse or the feathers of a 'little brown job' (you know the blanket name for the little brown birds that you can't name).  We found a birds name that we liked the sound of. Pipit it is. 

Hush wallpaper

And lastly hush! The softest pink. Like the warmth of a country lane on a summer evening, the soft colour of the sky in the last bit of a sunset that your eyes melt into. I feel soothed looking at this colour. Its a little like my other colour mallow in my Paper meadow design but it is a flatter colour so takes on a character of its own.

The wallpapers have been printed now and will be arriving in my studio at some point in the next couple of weeks. I'm excited to meet them. x

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Oh my word you weren’t wrong, just ordered a lint time favourite in the tall grass, but soooo glad I’ve just moved & can also choose others, Hedgerow looks absolutely stunning, just got to pick a colour now, you really spoil us nature lovers. Thanks Hannah for such wonderful inspiring design. Love Debs x x

Debbie kaye

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