Hedgerow window film developments

Hedgerow window film

I just wanted to show you the latest on the Hedgerow window film. These latest prints came back from the window film company. This is the white-on-frost version. I have balanced the tones and it's looking really good now. It's so pretty. (the lovely vases are by Alison Wren).

Hedgerow window film

I think I'm going to offer it as a row of plants that grow up from the window sill rather than an all over print because I love the top edge where the plants meet the sky. I mean this is what hedges do in real life. 

Hedgerow window film

The grasses and plants twist up to reach the light!

Hedgerow window film

The shadows on the frost-on-clear version are AWESOME. I dreamily watched them come in and out of focus all day as the sun passed behind cloud

Hannah Nunn hedgerow window film silhouettes

Hannah Nunn hedgerow window film silhouettes

There are some things that need working on on this design though. It's not quite ready yet. But it won't be long because I am excited to see it!

Hannah Nunn hedgerow window film silhouettes

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UPDATE! It's now on the website and ready to order here

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Ooh this is gorgeous! I have paper meadow’s edge in my bedroom but this is even prettier. I like that you simplified the design. I think it would look great in my shed windows to hide the clutter from the outside but let light in on the inside. Look forward to the finished design.


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