Patterns & textures on the forest floor

shaft of light on the moss

Just a Sunday morning walk, while the sun was shining.

The linking bridge, Eaves avenue, Hebden Bridge

We went along the river below the green bridge.

fungi gills on the moss

There was so much to see.

spangle galls

There were galls everywhere. I wonder if it has it been a particularly big year for galls in general, because every oak tree I have seen has had one kind of another.

oak apple gall on a leaf

This one is an oak apple gall. Tiny parasitic wasps cause them to grow and their larvae live in the middle.

artichoke galls

And we saw loads of these cone shaped things on the oaks this year too. These are artichoke galls. It's the first time I have noticed these.

spangle galls

These ones are spangle galls and they seemed to be dusting everything on the forest floor.

silk button spangle galls

These ones, the silk button spangle galls are my favourites. They are like little jewels.

autumnal oak leaves

The leaves were turning beautifully.

empty acorn cup

And the squirrels were busy running off with acorns. 

star spangled sycamore leaf

We loved this leaf with it's constellation of stars.

in the beech woods

And we pondered about tiny nature being a reflection of huge nature, but without being able to really articulate it in words!

tiny fungi on the forest floor

All this in a few square metres of forest.

shaft of life on a mossy stone next to some sticks covered in turkey tail fungi

In the words of my friend Andrea's Dad, 'We don't go far, but we do see life'. That one really stuck with me and makes me remember it doesn't need to be a big adventure, to give you a lot.

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I have struggled to get to such rural scenery and side a hip operation my exercise has tended to be on tarmac pavements around home. This walk, and sharing of your miniscule observations was so refreshingly eye opening, and quite different from where I live . So many different galls, with pretty names, too! Many thanks for sharing.

Catherine H

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