On the last day of May the poppies in my new garden started to pop!

freshly opened red poppy with crinkly petals

I rushed out in the early morning to greet the first one. Just look at the crinkles in its tissue paper thin petals! SO exquisite. And to think that this origami like pattern is the result of it being so tightly folded in its bud…but it didn’t get folded up and put in there did it? It grew like that, each petal getting ready to unfurl in the sunshine. There is just so much to marvel at.

red poppies

Every day another one burst open. They are still opening. There are so many hairy buds to go.

a red poppy starting to open

When I noticed this one I shrieked and RAN to get my camera. I didn't want to miss it popping without me! I didn't need to hurry though. It kept its jaunty beret on for hours!

red poppies opening

The next day it too had burst open but another one is starting to go.

a bee enjoying a red poppy

Wherever I've been in town this week I've been noticing other red poppies; in gardens, allotments, abandoned veg plots and even growing out of the pavement on Garnet Street. I love how they are all opening at the same time everywhere, painting the town red.

fresh red poppy seed head

Some of the petals have started to fall now. I put some in the flower press.

poppy seed head

And I will look forward to saving the seed heads too when they have dried out.

I put some photos on facebook and instagram and people shared pictures of their poppies too. How nice that we (bees obviously included) are all sharing the poppy love right now and are united in our joy!

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Sharing the poppy love!😊


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