Sorting it out by the sea

It was just the wrong time AND just the right time to have booked a weekend at the sea. Wrong because it meant we couldn't go and view a house that we really liked the look of straight away, but right because we were out of the way for our estate agent to show people around our flat. Last week was high drama in the house buying department. We lost our buyer AND we lost our seller so we were back at square one after seven long months of waiting.

Last September we stayed here at Pobty Cottage in Pentraeth, Anglesey and the minute we got home we booked to come again for this May because we had had such a great time. It was good to be back.

After a stressful week, it was lovely to stare out over the marsh to the sea beyond and rest our brains a bit, even if our thoughts would quickly return to the new house we were dreaming of and whether we would be lucky enough to get it. 

The strange landscape of the salt marsh was a good distraction. When the tide goes out it leaves lots of little pools in the grass and the grass was glistening with little flowers.

Is it sea thrift?

It's very pretty.


We walked around the bay, revisiting the plants we saw last September in their May clothing.

This years reeds were only just starting to grow, the new green pushing up beneath the dried out, wind swept stems.

I wish I had managed to photograph the bird that was holding onto a reed and swaying in the breeze. I've committed that one to memory.

The red campions had a happy ready-brek glow

and there were plenty of treasures to discover along the way.

The news came that we sold our flat to an excited buyer. Things were falling into place! Perhaps we actually had a chance to put an offer in on the new house on Tuesday once we had viewed it properly. But the market is SO tough at the moment. Could we take another knock? We were both awake at 3.30 am, so took our tired heads outside to see what the bay looked like.

There was a bright moon on the horizon, a silvery tide and the murmur of birds tuning up for the dawn chorus. We gave our hopes and dreams to the water and the stars and decided to trust it would happen, that we had a chance, that people DO get their dream homes.

The next day we headed to the sea (via Mojo's for pancakes) and it was most therapeutic. 

We pottered around, looking in rock pools

and enjoying all the colours and textures of the beach.

I forgot all about our new house trepidation while I tried to find the tiniest shell on the beach.

I think it was this one!

I was hoping that by the time I finished writing this post, I would have good news to share and d'you know what? I do! We saw the house on Tuesday and loved it. Today our offer has been accepted and we are as JUBILANT and JOYFUL as these seaside daisies!

Thank you sea for looking after us while all the stars aligned. Now we can dare to dream about our life in the house that's surrounded by trees. x


Oh! We are so so pleased for you and Dean. We hope you’re dream is fulfilled and there are no more mighty hiccups. XX


Hannah, I started reading this piece with a knot in my stomach and got to the end with elation, so happy for you, I look forward to hearing all about your new house, happy times ahead xxx


Morning, really look forward to receiving your ‘Three Little Somethings’.
I too absolutely love walking by the sea whatever the weather, so refreshing to your whole being, magical!
I’m lucky enough to have a son who lives near St Ives, and only 5 minute walk over dunes to a deserted beach, idyllic.
Collecting sea glass and pottery fragments very addictive.
Take care.


Oh I hope it all works out for you this time! Good luck and fingers crossed you get your perfect home ☺️🤞🏼

Lorna Robinson

fingers crossed both deals work out !


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