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Sunny sunflowers in solidarity

Wednesday, 9 March 22

As the first batch sunflowers made their way to their new homes around the world, people have responded by hanging them in their windows in solidarity with the Ukranian people and sharing their photos. I thought I'd bring them all together here in celebration of the TEN THOUSAND POUNDS that we raised together.

(above image Laura, @thefleetingthings)

Clockwise @alysonbrenchly, @soaringskylark @katebowlesbooks

Susie Heatherington (look at the lovely blind in her fabric), Claire Sewell Jane Littlefield Glass

Jane Withers, @silverandscribble, Melanie Styles

Claire Sewell

@theinexpertgardener,  Azra

Rowan Macgregor, Clare Scott.

Hilary Clarke made these beautiful cyanotypes from the sunflowers too.

Goodness knows, the Ukranian people need all the support they can get right now at this terrible time. Lets keep thinking of them every time we see our sunflowers and hope for peace.

Thanks to everyone for sharing your images. I'll add more as time goes by. x

Tags: creations, in the studio

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  • Beautiful & useful – didn’t William Morris have something to say about that? The very best of both worlds Hannah & a tremendous effort. I have shared with Art for Life & the Women’s Network at Musgrove Park Hospital (Somerset Foundation Trust) and suggested that we also get planting sunflowers! Keep up the great work :-) xx

  • These are lovely. Can’t wait to get mine but get well soon first ☺️🌻

    Lorna Robinson