The Hebden Bridge Open Studios Art Trail

Blue Sky Bakers Hebden Bridge

 It's the first time we have had an ART TRAIL around town for Hebden Bridge Open Studios. As I'm looking after the open studios instagram page in the run up to the event and I thought it would be useful to have as many photos as possible so I went to 'do' the trail.

Blue Sky Bakers Hebden Bridge

It was a beautiful blue sky day for it. Blue Sky Bakers have my sunflowers for Ukraine in their window en masse and they look very sunny. The sunflower paintings are by Pam Crofts.


Ruby Shoesday Hebden Bridge

 There are 41 participating venues across Hebden Bridge and Todmorden and as I now have photos I thought I'd show you  a few of our little shops. Lots of them do mail order so even if you're reading this from some far off destination you may be able to shop with them. This is Ruby Shoesday who have loads of great and unusual shoes! Jane Kennington has a painting in the window.

Valley Organics Hebden Bridge

 Which got a lot of lovely old architecture in our town and I always appreciate a good shop front. This is Valley Organics, a worker coop and they have work by Open Studio organiser John Noble-Milner aka Geckoman) and Josephine Gornall.

Hat Therapy Hebden Bridge

 Hat Therapy is my old shop nextdoor neighbour so has a special place in my heart. Chrissie is showing work by my friend Catherine Edwards (ooh that silver bag) and jewellery by Ali Hayley.

Broughs Hebden Bridge

This is Broug's selling beautiful things from around the world (they do mail order). I always think it sits well with that belisha beacon! They have a painting by Rebecca Heyes in their window.

Wood & Wire Kitchens Hebden Bridge

 Wood & Wire and their lovely yellow door that brightens the high street. They can make you a much sought after bespoke colourful kitchen. Check them out! They have work by Sarah Eyre.

Spirals Hebden Bridge

Spirals is a local gem (they do mail order too). It's our very own fair trade department store - ethically made clothing, toys, cards, gifts, homewares and books. Upstairs the you can find the art room where they sell the work by many local artists and makers who are currently displayed in the window like Julia Ogden, Kate Boyce, Roo Waterhouse, Rachel Red, Annie Lewis, Gary Thomas, Angie Rogers & Katch Skinner

Muse Music vegan love cafe hebden bridge

 I stopped at the Muse Music Love Cafe for the first time since they moved to their new premises. Lovely company, music, cuppa and a delicious snickers brownie. It's a totally vegan cafe and it's really lovely. (They are getting married next week so won't be open while open studios is on). You can see Louise Crosby's work in the window.

heart gallery

 Heart Gallery is having a new roof so is not it's usual photogenic self but they have work by Kate Lycett and Jane Revitt on display for the trail. Heart is a beautiful hub for beautiful art, craft and jewellery from around the UK.

Heart Gallery magazine section

 It also has great magazines. Can you spot anything familiar? I never thought I'd have a journal that would sit next to Uppercase magazine! I'm delighted.

Hebden Bridge town hall exhibition

 There is also a full exhibition of open studio artists at Hebden Bridge Town Hall. I have my furling wallpaper on display, in good company with Heidi Vilkman and one of my favourite Hebden artists Angie Rogers.

Hotcakes vintage shop hebden bridge

 Hotcakes is a fab vintage (and colourful and fun gifty things) shop. They have work by Alison Mcabe in the window.

Creative with Nature Todmorden

 The art trail stretches up the valley to Todmorden too where you'll find another six venues...and more cake if you fancy! We had a coffee in Creative with Nature where Joe Gregory makes her beautiful willow work. She runs willow weaving courses too. Happened to catch Sara Abbot  and her dog in the photo too.

Tod Almighty Todmorden

 I have to mention Tod Almighty too as it's such a great name don't you think?! They are showing work by Mark King, Bill Kitchener and Blott works.

Natural Ending funeral service Todmorden

 And this is Natural Endings, a brand new and very beautiful progressive funeral parlour. They will be having an exhibition while open studios is on with work by a number of artists, including a stunning film that was made by my friend Sarah Mason. You can also make a memory boat to remember a loved one. So much thought has gone into the making of this place. The owner Rosie has used my window film and soon it will be the first time my wallpaper has been used in a mortuary!

You might even be lucky enough to meet Nellie! 

There are SO many creative business to discover in this post but this is just a tiny taster. There are LOADS more on the trail. If you are visiting you can pick up a map from around town and go and enjoy discovering them for yourself. If not, I hope you enjoyed this little virtual trail in itself. 

The Art Trail runs from now until 3rd July. More details here.

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So excited to see Ruby Shoes Day! I do love shoes, but can’t always find what I want. Thanks for sharing Hannah! Looks like a great place to live. x


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