The Pebbles on the Beach

The Pebbles on the beach book by Clarence Ellis

Ffion bought me a lovely little book called The Pebbles on the Beach for my birthday and it has given me a huge desire to go to the beach and find some! It's been over a year since I saw the sea and even longer since I put my body in it or walked barefoot on the sand picking up beach treasures.

drawing pebbles. Hannah Nunn

I got out some pebbles from my treasure collection and began to look up close. You can imagine that if I lived by the sea my work would be laced with beach treasures and coastline colours. It would feature all those flowers you find on the cliffs and seed pods that have been bleached by the sun. There would be shells and seaweed, rock pools and pebbles.

Holding the smooth, worn stones in my hands sparked an idea. I couldn't get to the sea right now but I could go beach combing in my imagination! So that's what I did.

setting up the files for the lasercutter

I put on some 'nature sounds' of waves lapping on the shore and the occasional seagull to set the scene and I set to work. I was going to create some laser cut pebbles. There's a freedom in drawing pebbles. No two are ever the same so you can't possibly draw them wrong and there is a whole world of shapes and textures to play with. 

laser cut and engraved pebbles by Hannah Nunn

The results were ever so satisfying

laser cut pebble

and brought to life by light.

laser cut beach pebbles

I began to think about layering them up, creating two layers of texture that would change in the light.

laser cut pebbles with light shining through

 So much potential. I LOVE the magic of light. That one right at the bottom is my favourite so far.

I am nowhere near done with these. Don't ask me yet what they are going to be. We shall have to see how it unfolds. For now there is joy in just playing.

paper pebbles

And playing is what I'm going to do!

sea pottery drawings

Next I'm going to experiment with some worn shards of sea pottery to add to the collection.

Thanks for walking on the beach with me. Maybe it's time for some fish and chips now but I'll be back again tomorrow. x



Keep going with these Hannah!
Here at The Little Bothy, Evie (Orkney) we have two of your beautiful lamps already I’m always collecting special pebbles from our beach, and have a “nature in” philosophy for our home (restoration in progress!) and the bothy. Your work is enjoyed here everyday. Thank you! 😊🌻👍🏻


Love the pebbles, sea pottery !
My son lives in St Ives. I really miss being able to visit and walking on Porthmeor beach collecting sea treasures. One day soon…
Really enjoy receiving your emails.


Hi Hannah, love your email contact and your outlook on life. I would love it if you created some painted pebbles/stones for sale on your website. Can picture a few on my windowsill :) (ps I’d do them myself but lack any artistic talent)

Janice Sury

You really must do something more with these – I absolutely love them!

Fiona May

Hi Hannah, Julie from Pembrokeshire calling…..just to say I love the ‘pebble’ ideas, beautiful to see the creative process in your wonderfully capable hands, and wonderfully inspiring….ideas swirling around as I write!

julie archer

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