Sea pottery and a growing collection of pebbles

laser cut sea pottery

At the end of last weeks pebbles on the beach post I said I wanted to experiment with some fragments of sea pottery so that's what I've been doing.

sea pottery

I have a couple of fragments of blue willow pottery so I thought I'd try and engrave their patterns. They turned out nice.

laser cut sea pottery

And I've also been beach combing on Pinterest for inspiration for other designs! I can't wait to go and uncover some more treasure of my own when we can get back to the sea.

laser cut sea pottery

They look so nice when the light catches them

sea pottery

and when the light shines through them.

The collection is growing. Each day I am adding a few new pebbles or fragments.

laser cut and engraved pebbles

This one is a new favourite.

laser cut pebbles under the magnifying glass

I bought myself a big magnifying glass so I can get right up close and see the textures!

cuddy bead

This isn't one of my finds, it's from a site diary of an archaeologist. Look how incredible this is. After Jenny received my three somethings email last week she told me about 'Cuddy beads'. This, believe it or not, is a fossil of a sea lily found on Lindisfarne. I would be squealing with excitement if I found one of these! It's going on my list of wonders!


Oh, how exciting – the Cuddy bead! I would be to the moon if I found such a treasure. My motto “Be observant; be astonished; tell about it!” Enjoying the blog posts. Thank you for sharing!

Patty Gordon

Good morning! Just needed to comment on your new creations, absolutely beautiful. I visit my son(when I can) in St Ives and spend hours collecting pebbles, sea glass and pottery from the beaches around. It becomes very addictive. Can’t wait until your stunning creations are to ‘shop for’.
Take care and stay safe!

Alida Shelton

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