Winter wonders

It has been the most magical weather for a winter stay at home holiday.

I've had lots of long walks taking in all of the beauty.

It was just like being on a Christmas card!

There were days when we started out in the misty valley bottom but the higher we climbed the brighter it got 

until we were under a bright blue sky.

Days when the cloud followed us around revealing the snow covered landscape and then hiding it again completely.


There were long snowy moorland paths

and ice crystals everywhere.

We had to stop every minute to take photos as it was so breathtaking.

There were fun days with family,

cheeky little folk who loved to throw snow

and discoveries of tiny treasures on ice!

There was a field of hogweed skeletons which lit up like stars against the dark stone wall.

And there was lots of outdoor cake! Annies Christmas cake with a takeaway tea from Mays farm shop under a bright blue sky with Mandy.

A candle to blow out for Julias birthday in a snow storm!

which made her very happy.

There was a delicious carrot cake with a rather dramatic candle from Sarah, Suze and Olive for my birthday

(and hot choc with them before it snowed).

And my sister Emily made me yummy, gooey chocolate brownie cake for my birthday too.

I think it was the most outdoorsy Christmas I've ever had. There's the temptation to stay in warm and cosy but outside was the only way to socialise this year and I'm grateful that that got me out into magic because there was so much of that. It's definitely one to remember x





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lovely photos! nice to see families together

Susan Hemann

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