wood sorrell

Me and Ffion walked through Hardcastle Craggs to Blake Dean at the weekend. It's a long walk (for me...about 8 miles is my top walk) and goes through The Craggs, beyond Gibson Mill through the woods to Blake Dean. In all my twenty years of living round here I've never ventured far past Gibson Mill so these woods have been (one of the many) recent lockdown discoveries.

wood sorrell leaves

It's really magical. Lots of our usual oak, beech and birch but with Scotts Pine trees too which is slightly more unusual for the woods round here. The air was full of their scent. There were lots of mossy mounds and a profusion of wood sorrell. Look at all those shades of green!

Ffion hugging a tree

We were so happy in the woods, breathing it in, having a barefoot break in the soft cool moss and hugging a few trees... we can't hug each other at the moment can we! I shared this pic of Ffion hugging this tree on my Instagram and Euan commented that this should be on the front cover of Treehugger magazine (maybe there really is such a publication...who knows?).

Anyway, our clever and creative friend Beau overheard this conversation and got to work straight away!

We laughed and laughed!

I love Beau for his attention to detail and for taking the time to do this. He said once he had found that font there was no turning back!

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