A tiny treasure box!

Tiny treasures box by Hannah Nunn

I'm delighted to introduce my new treasure boxes to you. I had been thinking for a while how nice it would be to offer a special box in which to gift some of my decorations or my little tiny treasures book, but I didn't want to create a box that would just get thrown away afterwards. How could I make it a box that people would like to keep?

the embossed lid on a Tiny treasures box by Hannah Nunn

It didn't take more than a few seconds to arrive at this. A special box that people could keep their own treasures in!

wild tiny treasures

I was chatting to my friend Sarah about it and she suggested putting a found treasure in the box too - perhaps a beech nut or a fir cone that I might have found out on a walk. 

tiny treasure map

Then whizz (more synapses firing) - it didn't take her long to get to this! A treasure map that marks the very spot I found that treasure.

map of the woods of Hebden Bridge by Hannah Nunn

So I eagerly set to work, mapping the woods of Hebden Bridge. I included the well know woods like Hardcastle Crags and Nutclough Woods, but I sneaked in some lesser known names too. Euan's woods will forever be Euan's woods to us as he used to live right next to them!

I wasn't going to add the rivers to the map as I was trying to keep it simple, but what is Hebden without it's rivers? Now they meander, in a very un-exact way. Disclaimer below!

unwrapping the treasure box

I took the box to show Sarah, on our favourite step in Eaves Wood.

looking at the treasure map in Eaves Wood, Hebden Bridge

It's a step where we often share a flask of tea, dream up ideas and celebrate things in life and business. It was certainly a 'cheers' morning as we clunked our camping mugs together. 

map of Eaves Woods, Hebden Bridge

And here it is on the map!

hunting for treasures in Eaves woods

And I had my eyes to the ground, looking for treasures.

looking for treasures in the beech woods

 Those squirrels and jays have been busy. Not an acorn in sight the whole walk! 

Tiny Treasures book and a twig covered in lichen

I did find some lichen covered twigs though which were rather beautiful.

what you get in a bountiful treasure box

So, there is an option to buy a simple box, which is just the box, map and a found treasure. OR you can buy a bountiful box which has a map, a book, a set of ten treasures and a found treasure from the woods (the found treasure is only if you're in the UK though...can't send those overseas).

Let me introduce you to what's inside. I made a video of the whole unwrapping experience and you can see it here!

Do you have just the person who might like a box to keep their treasures in? You can find them on my website here. x

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Absolutely delightful x

Pam Kubica

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