A world inside a pine cone

pinecone cap strobilurus tenacellus

You can imagine my delight when I found this in the woods - a tiny little world growing in a pine cone. I thought that it was just a random little fungi that had happened to make it's home in a fallen pine cone BUT I learned that it is actually called a Pinecone Cap or Strobilurus Tenacellus. That's where it grows specifically. I'm always grateful to the folks on my mailing list who share their knowledge with me. 

pinecone cap

I found it in Holkham, in the dunes when we were in Norfolk for the weekend and I had to take a lot of photos because I was very excited.

cCollared Earthstar , Geastrum triplex

Once I was in the zone I found another curious thing. Turns out it's a Collared Earthstar, Geastrum triplex. Take a look at my google search results because it does this! I love that it is called an earth star. It's so poetic.

I also found these. Some kind of puff ball?

blackening waxcap

And look at this colourful little one. I sent Ffion photos from the dunes and she told me it was a Blackening Waxcap and if you touch it, it will start to turn black. I'm glad I didn't. I love it's colour.

It's always good to explore landscapes away from home as there are always new treasures to be found x

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I adore that little group of mushrooms in the pine cone. So delicate. Happy treasure hunting. Xxx

Maddy Gallacher

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