a way of seeing the meadow


So enchanted was I with the bluebells and the birds that I kept heading to the woods, forgetting that the meadows would be getting taller and brighter every day.

So I headed up the hill.

Even on that cloudy day the buttercups were glowing with sunshine.

The dandelion clocks were perfect white orbs that went on forever

 I had a vision of a wallpaper design. How lovely that would be...

 I sat down in front of the hill of flowers

The light breeze was inviting the seeds to take to the air.

The grasses and flowers were swaying.

I had such a strong feeling of reverence rise up in me. Seeing the tangle of life and the simple beauty of it all straightened out a few things in my head somehow and made my way ahead seem simpler.

We're in the midst of planning our wedding and there's SO much still to pull together but THIS kind of beauty and simplicity, this kind of way of seeing the world and nature and each other is all that it is about. 

When I feel overwhelmed I close my eyes and picture these dandelions and buttercups and I remember that and then it's all ok.

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Beautiful images of buttercups & dandelion clocks. I look forward to seeing the wallpaper it inspires

Elizabeth Whitton

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