one may morning

We get up early in our house these days. Since Dean got a job as a postie, we're in bed super early and up with the larks so we missed our friends messages and phone calls saying GET UP GET UP LOOK AT THE SKY on Friday night when the northern lights were dancing right above our heads. We were fast asleep.

But there's always awe and wonder on a smaller scale in the woods and our new routine means I can get out early to breathe in the morning and still get to work on time.

On Monday morning I went for a 'little walk' and I found myself in the most beautiful spot where the bluebells were looking so scrumptious and begging to be photographed.

"But you took bluebells pictures last week," said the voice in my head. "I did, but I didn't take pictures of these bluebells in these woods in this light", I replied

I didn't take much persuading.

I got into my flow in that dappled light in a soundscape of chiff chaffs, blackbirds wrens and river water.

The ground was soaked after the thunderstorms the night before and as I walked the path the wet bluebell heads dried their faces on my trousers.

But I didn't mind.

I half expected their blue to rub off on me.

Their magic certainly did.

My 'little' walk turned into a four hour ramble. The sun was so delicious, the breeze so perfect and every step was so full of loveliness I could have walked all day.

I saw nuthatches,

strange flies (moths?) with the longest antennae,

I stopped by the peaceful pond and met some swimmers having a dip with the tadpoles and ducklings and I watched the heron fly in and out of it's huge nest with great honks as it caught food for it's young.

And I caught a goldfinch in flight.

What is 'on time' anyway when you are your own boss? Why am I so disciplined about getting to the studio each day when I could be flexible? I didn't have any pressing or time sensitive things to do that day so it was an opportunity to play outside on a beautiful May morning and fill up. This is where I find my inspiration after all.

I got to work by lunchtime, full of the joys. It was right on time.
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I look forward to my email every Thursday – three somethings. I felt like I was walking with you on your mystical walk in the woods-a breath of fresh air.


Nice Spring windows above with these bluebells ! I couldn’t see the nigt “boreal” lights but I am still in love with my garden and all the wild flowers I can observe.


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