Above the clouds

cloud inversion in the Calder Valley

When I left my house just before sunrise there was a thick fog. We knew it was forecast and me and Sarah had agreed to meet and soak up the atmosphere in the misty woods.

cloud inversion through winter trees

This valley is deep and there are many steep paths up it's edges. As I climbed up through the winter trees, the crisp silhouettes were enough to excite me, but the higher I got the clearer it became.  

cloud inversion above Hebden Bridge

In just ten minutes I was above the clouds!

cloud inversion Hebden Bridge

It looked like you could just dive in to this beautiful lake and float.

cloud inversion sunrise

Often the valley bottom is a totally different atmosphere to the top. When you're down there, it's just a foggy day. You don't know that a bright cloudless sky is only a short walk away.

frosty field

We enjoyed crunching through the fields in the sunshine.

frosty ferns, leaves and grass

and seeing all the shapes and textures accentuated by frosty outlines.

frosty moss
frosty leaves
Heptonstall Road in the fog

Then I had to head back down into the misty valley. 

Heptonstall Road in the fog

The edge of the cloud was round about here.

sun through the fog

But I knew that the bright winter sunshine was not very far away.


What a lovely walk, Hannah. Reminds me of my childhood home!

Pamela Redpath

Absolutely beautiful magical photos
Thank you for sharing

Lynne Sutton

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